Robert Warren

Michael Hayes
Robert "The Legacy" Warren, director of marketing and sales at Webmaster Paradise, has only been in the adult entertainment industry for one day.

"My day started out 10 years ago, when I started working in the business as director of marketing and sales for Python," he jokes.

Kidding aside, Warren says a typical day starts at 8:30 a.m.

While Webmaster Paradise has offices around the globe, from Hollywood, Calif., to Las Vegas and Costa Rica, Warren's commute from his Toronto suburb isn't bad.

"I work from home," he says, "so, I usually get things started at about 9 a.m. Of course, I'm really available 24 hours a day, seven days a week."

The first thing Warren does when he logs onto his computer is check email, something he views as a must because most mornings his inbox is in the triple digits.

"I get a lot of demo requests through email," he says. "Dealing with those is critical, because you need to sort out real webmasters from surfers looking for free content. And, of course, sometimes you get kids trying to get access to free porn; I take that very seriously, because if you make a mistake there, you're screwed."

After wading through a swath of emails, Warren is ready for a little fuel. Around 10 a.m., he breaks for coffee and cereal.

Back to work after a brief break, Warren next tackles his ICQs — after 10 years in the industry, he has more than 700 contacts on his ICQ — and a busy call sheet.

"ICQ is important, but a lot of the newer webmasters I speak with don't use it," he says. "Instead, they use email and phone. I prefer the phone because it's easier to focus. Most of my day is helping webmasters, networking and finding out what people in the industry need."

During his lunch break, he says he likes to gather as much information about the world around him, something he does by reading news sites that include CNN, XBIZ and AVN.

Returning from lunch, Warren puts in an appearance on the boards. He is, after all, a moderator for YNOT and AdultWebmasterHangout.

As the day turns to night, Warren says he typically follows his wife's lead.

"We share an office — she has her own design company, ThinkPinkOnline, and she works for Playboy," he says. "If she's working late, I typically do the same. These days, she's expecting our first child, so I try and work later to get ahead of things."

If Warren doesn't work late, he and his wife usually cut away for dinner. He also says they like to catch a movie — preferably Disney — or watch their favorite TV shows, which include "Heroes," "Battlestar Galactica" and "House."

If they don't watch TV or catch a movie, Warren says he and his wife are happy to kick back and play a game of "Final Fantasy."

Warren's day typically ends around 1 a.m. when he goes to sleep after catching Leno and Jon Stewart, but he says the phone can ring late into the night.

For Warren, it's not a question of a day in the life, but rather a life in the day. As he says, he puts everything of himself into his work.

"I spent seven years in seminary," he says. "I've taken those values, especially trust, respect and integrity and brought them into my work in adult."