TGP 3: The Next Generation?


There are a lot of new tools out there for webmasters to use. One that is not used that often (or at least to its full potential), is the hosted gallery. Every competitive affiliate program is trying to develop and promotes these galleries, but the question is where and how to best use them?

Hosted galleries offer great potential for generating additional revenues for your site. They are usually fairly high quality galleries; and because the affiliate program pays for the hosting, you don’t have to worry about bandwidth consumption – making sales from them even more profitable. Some of the first webmasters to find a good use for hosted galleries were TGP owners who use them to fill up ‘empty spots’ on those days when there aren’t many submissions. Another place where you’ll see some of them together is at the bottom of a page – often in a low-traffic area that will get little notice from the surfer. Well there is a much better way to use these valuable tools, and I’m going to explain it to you:

First of all, the TGP is a place where a surfer can view submitted galleries that promote pay sites and products for the webmasters that built them. The TGPs make money by getting surfers to come to their websites and clicking on the banners and links for the sponsors they are promoting.

Then there’s the all but failed TGP2 concept, where the idea was to only give the surfer a few pictures to look at, which would somehow make them want the product or promotion even more. I haven’t seen any of these poorly received galleries in awhile. So the time is right for something new, and YES, I’m calling it the TGP3 – or as I like to call it “TGP CUBED” (it’s a math thing). This is simply a bit of PHP code that’s used to randomly pick the URL for a hosted gallery from a flat text file. With the whole interface as small as a banner, and offering as many categories as you want, the TGP3 display can dramatically increase your site’s content for free, while improving your bottom line!

According to there are over 25,000 hosted galleries that have been built and are available – you could put all of them on your website and it would be as small as a banner and wouldn’t affect the load time of your page, because the code on your page is only the link to the PHP code with some HTML tables to keep it organized. The files where you store the gallery URLs are simple .txt files which make it very easy to update, and simple to understand for those of you that have trouble with coding.

I have set up a page on my TGP that will go further in depth on the coding part of this, and while I’m not asking for anything in return, if you could join some of the sponsors that are on the page to get the hosted galleries you‘ll need, that would be appreciated. You can also email me from there if you need further help. Here's the page.

I think that this would be a great source of income on amateur sites and smaller pay sites, as it will give your customers more to look at (plus they’ll have fun playing with it), and if you make a sale, then that’s more money for you. From running my TGP I’ve learned that if you give surfers something new that they can play with, you’ll have happy customers. Happy customers tend to bookmark your site and return, and they are also the folks who will eventually buy. They are the customers that you want to keep.

I spend a lot of time listening to the adult webmasters at XBiz – trying to come up with the next big thing in the online porn biz, and I think this is it. Take a look at it, and then look at your site, and think about how this could benefit you!