"So you're having sex, and people find this a turn-on?"

Gram Ponante
Gardening and weaponry network G4TV's Layla Kayleigh interviewed Joanna Angel for a recent feature on the cable channel's website, The Feed.

Kayleigh, who has a porn star name but otherwise doesn't know much about the business, uttered the subject line whilst quizzing Angel about her movie The XXXorcist.

Unlike Glenn Beck's boorish performance interviewing Paul Fishbein a while back, Kayleigh's was much more respectful of porn, even though she didn't know anything about it.

I think if the topic had been the Nintendo Wii or cheat codes that work cross-platform, the substance of the interview would have been different in that the interviewer would have taken the time to find out a little more about the subject before diving in. Can you imagine an interview with, say, a town selectman in which the reporter would get away with asking what it is the selectman does?

It is much safer in the mainstream world to claim ignorance or outrage when dealing with the adult business than it is to discuss the fisting techniques that the American public really craves. As Adam learned when Our Lord drove him from the Garden, knowledge is a stain.

That said, the interview was fun, Angel distanced herself from the "altporn" label, and I applaud G4 for acknowledging that 98 percent of its viewers watch porn.

See Joanna Angel with Layla Kayleigh in their "Girl on Girl" segment here.

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