Web Depot: Boost Google Traffic By Detoxifying Site Links

Stephen Yagielowicz

With Google’s ongoing algorithm updates decimating the traffic volumes of numerous adult websites, it’s no wonder that site owners are seeking a way to fight back. Enter LinkDetox.com, a link audit and link risk management solution that helps get rid of unwanted and toxic links — assisting client sites with Google Penguin and manual penalty recovery.

According to a company rep, Link Detox helps protect your website from the risks of negative SEO or just bad SEO, and builds strong, healthy links that allow users to get an edge on their competition, while uncovering unnatural links with accuracy and precision.

“We have helped thousands cleanup their link profiles from risky links, and every week webmasters recover from Google penalties with Link Detox,” the rep explains, advising site owners to implement its link risk management solution to protect their valuable SEO investment. “Link Detox Genesis is our data-driven organic algorithm that mimics how we believe Google looks for risky links. Plus, it learns what links are low, medium, and high link audit priorities by analyzing how our users categorize the links they manually review.”