Web Depot: An osTicket-based Support System For Wordpress

Stephen Yagielowicz

Website owners seeking to stay in touch with customers without the vagaries of email communications often rely on a ticketing system, such as the open source osTicket. Bringing this powerful relationship management tool to WordPress users is Key4ce osTicket Bridge, a rebuild of the original OSTicket WP Bridge plugin — undertaken after the original plugin’s developer seemingly abandoned the project.

Key4ce osTicket Bridge takes the original further by adding new features, fixing old bugs and correcting security flaws. The plugin is currently translated into English, Dutch and Arabic, and is tested on osTicket v1.9.3 to the current v1.9.6, which needs to be installed separately, in its own directory.

Key4ce osTicket Bridge supports POP and IMAP functionality, allowing users to use the osTicket SCP; “reply to email;” or the WordPress admin to respond to all tickets. The plugin integrates with WordPress user accounts and within the site through the use of a contact form shortcode. The system is template-driven and customizable to suit the needs of almost any user.