Tips on Successful Webcamming

Shirley Lara

Making money with Chaturbate is fun and entertaining. It can be a way to earn extra money or a fabulous way to pay all your bills.

First create an account on Put some thought into your user-name because once you have selected one you cannot change it. Make sure it’s original, easy to remember and something that embodies you and your personality.

Personality is key! Always smile! Don’t ever do things for free. And never let negativity get to you and don’t be afraid to ban people.

The next step is uploading identification to be verified you're at least 18 years old.

If you plan on camming with a spouse or partner they must also upload their age verification documents. Create your bio and personalize it! List any information you want the members to know about you. We suggest putting your camming schedule in your bio so fans know ahead of time when you’ll be broadcasting.

The currency used on Chaturbate is called tokens. Each token is worth five cents to the broadcaster. Members buy them to tip, access to private and group shows, purchase video and picture sets, and to participate in chat room games via apps.

Chaturbate is the only webcam site that offers apps. Take time to explore them. They range from Token Keno, Hangman, King of Tips ... etc. All 300-plus apps have one thing in common: They are targeted towards performers making money. The average cam model makes approximately $500 a week. There are broadcasters that make way more than that and models that make less. You control your income by how many hours you decide to broadcast each week and how dedicated you are to working.

Another unique thing about Chaturbate is every broadcaster is also an affiliate. Use your chat room linking code when you’re announcing on social media you’re about to get online. For every new sign up or purchases you want to receive credit for the referral.

Before camming decide your boundaries, what you are and aren’t willing to do. Don’t ever tell a member you will do something then not follow through, this makes you and models look bad. Put some thought into your show each and every time you go on cam.

Each broadcast should be thought as your own personal TV show and you’re the star. To ensure you are the focus keep your cam space nice and clean, have adequate lighting, take time to do your makeup and hair, wear fun clothing. We recommend wearing bright colored clothing to make you stand out on the main page.

Once you have set your tokens goal and your broadcast begins be upbeat. Personality is key! Always smile! Don’t ever do things for free. And never let negativity get to you and don’t be afraid to ban people. It can be helpful to assign someone moderator status so they can silence unruly users from chat on your behalf and you can focus on earning tokens.

Greet members when they enter the room. Talk, play music, dance, play games, do theme nights or wear costumes. Be creative. Make sure that you remind the members to follow your show so they get email notification when you come online.