Eye of Love’s Jacqui Chowaiki Discusses Pheromones

Ariana Rodriguez

Eye of Love Arousing Pheromone Collection is designed to help men and women of all ages attract one another. Used daily, the company says its pheromones will enhance a positive emotional reaction in any environment giving users an added advantage.

Although pheromones are odorless, Eye of Love has added special fragrances to enhance their effect and outcome. According to the company, the perfume and pheromone work on two different levels. The pheromone is odorless and stimulates a chemical reaction, while the fragrance complements and enhances the particular mood.

We aim to deliver our products on two levels — one, pheromones to achieve your desires and, two, the fragrances that connect to your mood.

In this exclusive Q&A with Eye of Love’s director of sales and marketing, Jacqui Chowaiki, she offers XBIZ Sensuals more details about the Arousing Pheromone Collection.

XBIZ: Can you give us some background on the company?

JACQUI CHOWAIKI: Alberto Chowaiki founded Eye of Love in 2012. It was first launched in the international markets of Europe and Asia, prior to bringing it to the U.S. in 2014.

XBIZ: What inspired the launch of the brand?

CHOWAIKI: We have found through various studies that many people were using pheromones for daily use and its natural benefits, rather than for just sexual attraction. The marketing and packaging of those brands, however, was not compatible with this ideology and nor was the quality. We therefore realized a great opportunity in delivering on that strategy, bringing about this awareness, and making it acceptable for all individuals. Thus the Eye of Love brand was born.

XBIZ: What makes Eye of Love different from other pheromone-infused products?

CHOWAIKI: We only use very high-quality synthetic pheromones (no blends or animal byproducts) in our collection as well as imported fragrance oils from France. We aim to deliver our products on two levels — one, pheromones to achieve your desires and, two, the fragrances that connect to your mood. In addition, our packaging and aluminum atomizers are very stylish and mainstream.

XBIZ: How would you describe the demographic of Eye of Love’s customer base?

CHOWAIKI: Our customers are primarily working-class, everyday people. They vastly range from sales people to waitresses, dancers, students, real-estate brokers, as well as people either looking for or who are in a relationship. The positive effect is for everyone.

XBIZ: Discuss the alternative uses for pheromones besides sexual attraction.

CHOWAIKI: Pheromones are used to enhance your daily life whether you’re working, playing, or being intimate. Many of our customers claim using Eye of Love pheromones increases their salesmanship since people feel more comfortable being around them. Waitresses also say their tips have gone up after they started wearing our pheromones. It is all about creating an enhanced friendly feeling or a trusting environment. If there is an attraction it will allow you to take the relationship further. If there is no attraction, just like aura and charisma you don’t know why you feel more comfortable being around certain people than others.

XBIZ: How many different scents does Eye of Love offer?

CHOWAIKI: Eye of Love has 18 different and unique fragrances. These are available as Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, Ambiance sprays, and pheromone massage candles. Each variety is special with a specific attraction, depending on your needs or desires. We have something for everyone so be prepared to “Awaken your Senses…”