Need Webmaster Content?

Stephen Yagielowicz

Do you have an adult Webmaster resource site or newsletter targeted towards adult Webmasters? If you do, then you understand the challenges involved in providing your readers with fresh daily updates, and timely information. Finally, help is available in the form of XBiz’ exclusive Webmaster news syndication service!

I try to keep as neutral a stance as possible on the varied products and services that I discuss in my articles, however, XBiz’ latest innovation is the ideal Webmaster content solution for resource sites, as well as other Webmaster service sites, such as affiliate programs, content providers, and web hosts. Whether you want to offer online information through your site or newsletter, or even publish an offline print publication or any other source of information on adult industry products and/or services, this free service will provide you with an informative daily update, delivered to you via email, containing the title, author, and a brief snippet from XBiz’ current article, along with a special URL of the article which you can link to as an easy way to bolster your site’s or newsletter’s Webmaster content.

These updates will be issued daily, with Thursday’s update being a digest format containing the previous weeks’ articles – perfect for inclusion in your weekly newsletter, and providing a perfect opportunity for you to benefit from XBiz’ industry-leading articles and tutorials, and to give your site’s visitors another reason to return daily – or to stay subscribed to your newsletter. Receiving our syndicated news updates is as simple as entering your contact information into a simple online form!

While use of this service does not confer reprint or publication rights, only linking rights, you are allowed to reprint the article abstracts accompanying the updates along with a “more” link to the article as provided in the update. As I said earlier, this link is special in that it doesn’t go to the ‘regular’ article page, but to a very clean page (similar to our ‘printer friendly’ pages), containing minimal formatting and no advertisements or outbound links whatsoever. There is also a provision to receive the page in a console with a ‘close’ link, or to have a ‘back’ link embedded in to it. This flexibility allows you to present daily snippets in a format which best matches the look & feel of your site!

You can use XBiz Syndicate™ snippets to update your site either daily, weekly or monthly. You may specify multiple email addresses when signing up so that your staff can deal with the updates while you have full access to the material, and the cost is FREE! However, although it is not required, we do ask that you please include a simple source credit (e.g. Source: XBiz ) or a standard button link.

You could even combine the material you receive from the XBiz Syndicate™ service along with the steady flow of pre-screened industry press releases delivered through our exclusive, XBiz Newscaster™ service to instantly develop a substantial resource site from the ground up! The opportunities are limitless with XBiz!

Our new service also provides added opportunity for authors who contribute articles to XBiz, since their submissions will be presented to an even larger audience than we already offer – the perfect way to get the word out about your products or services. Along with the exposure you’ll receive in our newsletter, you can reach tens of thousands of adult Webmasters for free! What could be better than that?

Join the XBiz Syndicate™ today and you can begin providing your customers with extra value-added content tomorrow! Questions? Email ~ Stephen