How to Make Promos Convert!


Being a designer that is fairly new to the adult industry, I have learnt a lot of different ways to promote adult websites. Here are some of the things that I've learned from my experiences.

One key way to make a product sell is by promoting it in the best way possible. This can be done in many, many ways. One of the best ways to promote an adult web site would be by using banners on other sites and using them as pop ups, so that they are in the user’s face and have no choice but to look at it.

All promos should be small in file size. Reason being, a banner should be the first thing that is loaded up on the screen so that it grabs the user’s attention right away. You want your banners to be looking clear, clean, and crisp. What I mean by that is producing a banner that has crisp images, clear text and a clean layout. You want your banners to have a good balance. Try not to have too many pictures on one side of a banner and none on the other. For example, if there is one picture on the right side of your banner then you would want to even out your banner and have another image on the left. You want banners to be balanced and evened out in a way so that there aren’t too many things on one banner.

Banners should have very eye-catching and “in your face” animation. Animation is a main thing that grabs the user’s attention so you should make yours very appealing to the user. Animations should be bright and have quick flashes, so that it grabs the user’s attention right away. However it is important to take file size into account. A simple 2-3 frame animation can be just as effective as a large multi-frame animation, without the additional file size. Using bright colors and high contrast are also very good ways for producing an attractive banner.

It’s always good to bring in new ideas constantly by producing banners that have a new look. Surfers tend to get used to the same old looking banners and have become too immune to the graphics. This means that they won't pay any attention to them and/or close them down straight away. Fresh banners will usually grab the user’s eye because they are something they haven't seen before; hence they’ll get more clicks.

Most of the time, the banners that you produce are placed close to others on a site so you should always try to make yours more inviting. Remember that your banners are always competing with others; make yours more tempting for a user to click on by making it stand out. It's always good to remember to try and not make banners that are overdone with pictures everywhere or have a lot of text; you will want a good balance of both text and images.

FPA's (full page advertisements) & HPA's (half page advertisements) use the same concepts as the banners. You just need to remember that you are trying to advertise the site, and not just making a smaller version of the site. It is good to use features from the original tour such as film reels, similar fonts, color schemes, picture borders, etc. These promos should have a main image that is clean, crisp and “in your face”; something that turns the user on. Keep the picture that you use consistent with the niche.

Designers sometimes have to remember that they are advertising for a site, and the choice of pictures that they decide to use on their promo work are very important. You shouldn't just use the same old pictures that surfers have seen a million times. Using the same content from tours and splash pages shouldn't be done, as viewers want to see different pics from the tour. This indicates that the site will provide its members with lots of content.

Another very important factor in making your promos convert is by choosing the correct fonts to use. The surfer has to be able to learn the font straight away. You don't want them to have to focus in on one banner’s text just to try to read what it says. Choose a clear font that stands out to the user and is very legible. Color on keywords such as “slut”, “free”, “join now”, etc. grabs the user’s attention as well as highlighting the point of the banner.

When producing text for banners, fpa's and hpa's etc. you have to try to be as inviting as possible. Use text such as "free tour", "take a free preview", "free lifetime membership", etc. as these things are really appealing to users, which will make them want to click on your promo. Try not to talk too much about “prices”, “how much” it will cost to join, “deals” or anything that involves the user paying money. You want to talk more about the features of the site, about free previews as well as joining the site.

After considering all of these points on how to make your promos convert, you should be able to get maximum users to click on them. Hop to it!

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