Everyday Luxury: Don’t Sell Yourself Or Your Retail Customers Short

Megan Swartz

When people are shopping they tend to want value for their buck. That doesn’t always translate to spending as little as possible. Even if it’s perceived value most people want to know they got a “deal.” On the store level, it’s easy to arrange areas by price. This relieves your sales associates’ burden of actually having to sell. However, by merchandising in this fashion, you are putting your least expensive option on a silver platter for your guests to buy out. The old way of thinking is that every guest who enters should leave with a purchase. In my opinion this is wrong. Every guest who enters should leave with a purchasing plan. They may not have the money for that We-Vibe 4 or the Soraya that they just met in your establishment but maybe they will hold off until payday.

At Deja Vu Love Boutique, we have a large amount of guests on a first-name basis with our staff. They always return to see what’s new or what LELO will offer next. We have always been very loyal to LELO. This is my absolute favorite brand of toy. There are dozens of amazing brands of adult toys that we offer, but these are my personal preference.

Technology has advanced so much but shopping adult is still very new to a majority of guests. Convince them to invest in top-quality products that are sure to translate to repeat guests.

As a team leader, personal preference is very important. Your business depends on this. If you’re not already offering your employees free samples when possible and a deep discount you should definitely consider it. Most guests enter our stores as if it is very unfamiliar territory. They are relying on your sales force to tell them what to buy. That is why you should begin training your staff at the top with all of your high-end lines first. Employees are going to have a much easier time selling items that they can talk about without uncertainty or hesitation.

Once you imbed all of the highlights and selling points of the lines you want to move quickly into your team, these items will work their way into every sales pitch. In turn, your dollar per head will begin to rise tremendously. With foot traffic slowing down and competition rising, it is vital that your business focus on high tickets in order to not only sustain but increase year after year. It’s the same concept used at car dealerships. When you walk on the lot they don’t start by having you test drive the base model. No, no, no, they get you nice and comfortable in the fully loaded cream of the crop.

Technology has advanced so much but shopping adult is still very new to a majority of guests. Convince them to invest in top-quality products that are sure to translate to repeat guests. Most of the world’s population owns an iPhone or a phone that’s comparable. Bingo! Find a way to speak their language. “You lean a Samsung Galaxy 4 against your head but are willing to stick a Nokia in your whooo haaaa?” You have to steer guests in the right direction. Using the health angle works pretty well. Everyone is talking about clean eats. What about clean between the sheets?

Health and safety for your guests are of the utmost importance. You never want to let someone hit the front lines without knowing exactly what they are selling. That is why it is important to have not only intense training, but also a simple test to follow so that you know your associates are armed with the proper information and ready to fire away. You want to go above and beyond for guests. They cannot leave simply satisfied. They need to leave and say “Wow! What an experience!” That feeling also needs to carry over to the bedroom or wherever it is they will be using their new goodies.

I will share with you some of our best selling points:

1. The packaging of these items is elegant and discreet which is perfect for gift giving. It is also safer and cleaner to keep your toys in the original packaging. So this is great for storage after each use.

2. The various shapes offered are great for targeting erogenous zones. Also there are items for all shapes and sizes. For example, I usually try to upsell the Soraya to larger women and sell the Ina to smaller women. Both offer clitoris stimulation and penetration, but the angle of the stimulator on the Soraya is much wider than that of the Ina.

3. The locking feature is very easy to use and makes it the best option for travelers with carry-on luggage only. This feature is also great for guests with children in case the item is found.

4. Bye-bye batteries. You no longer have to invest in your item every third use. Just plug it in and charge it right up. The LED indicator blinks red to notify you when the battery is dying. The light will flash white while charging and be a steady white once charging is complete.

5. Shhhhhhh. Quiet, please. These are silent! This feature is not only awesome if you have roommates or children but also if you want to concentrate on the orgasm you are trying to have. Because women are thinkers, it is a fact that trying to orgasm while listening to the sound of a lawnmower is difficult.

6. Waterproof for fun in all climates and, in addition, much easier to clean and sterilize.

7. My personal favorite. This brand backs their toys with a warranty. Any problems, just bring it in with proof of purchase and we will switch it right out.

With as much competition as there is now, and online shopping, customer service and teaching guests is the key to getting loyal clients and referrals.

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With more than 10 years working with Deja Vu’s various branches, Megan Swartz — Deja Vu’s general manager and buyer — has made a name for herself as a dedicated and savvy, merchandising and operations-managing dynamo.