Why Just Dialers?


Does your site have “International” (non-US) traffic? If you’re like most of us, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” And if you’re like most of us, you’re not maximizing the income from this traffic, and if you’re giving it any thought at all, it’s likely these potential customers are thrown at a dialer program with a hope for the best…

This is a waste of traffic, the resources that were expended in obtaining this traffic, and the bandwidth that was consumed in the process. In today’s tightening market space, you owe it to yourself and your bottom line to maximize the revenue potential of every last visitor to your site, and one of the best ways to do this is to use a sponsor that is capable of handling these surfers in the most flexible and efficient manner possible.

For the last several years the only way to convert International traffic was the dialer solution. Today, American programs have found ways to profit from recurring membership billing by dealing with International traffic. The two major factors why International traffic is almost exclusively directed towards a dialer are credit card restrictions and charge backs. Both these factors hinder American programs to process International transactions just as it does their domestic traffic. But, how would American programs establish a stable presence abroad? Would they just offer one single payment solution? Would they take the time to explore the alternative payment methods, which are being used in foreign countries?

It's a proven fact that foreign surfers show different purchasing behaviors on the web. Instead of using credit cards, for the most part, they prefer a payment method such as Direct Debit by which the user allows the sponsor to take direct withdrawals form their bank account. By just offering one single payment solution, you are losing quite a bit of money.

Internationally operating partnership programs pay their webmasters a certain percentage of the money that they bring in. Forty, fifty, sixty - sometimes even up to 70% of the payout goes directly to the referring webmaster.

For the webmaster, the partnership program is ideal because a sale is not just a one-time only sale; webmasters get paid for the life of the customer! For everyone involved, it's like the sign-up that keeps on paying: an excellent example of the win-win situation at work!

The dialer model pays only once. If the user discontinues his connection your revenues stop and the customer is gone. You will not receive any additional sales and your webmasters will not receive any bonuses or additional compensation. This is why the recurring model is usually the preferred choice of the experienced webmaster.

Sex Money has had webmaster programs on the 'Net since 1996 and has placed its focus on selling memberships to International traffic through a large variety of options, rather than merely dumping your traffic on to a dialer program. This approach enables our webmasters to profit from the recurring billing model, and make up to 70% off of each initial sale – and each recurring purchase by that same surfer. And the best news of all? The average retention within our member’s area is approximately 5.8 months!

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