Camera Considerations


As a versatile, well-rounded "amateur" porn star and webmistress, I’m not only interested in being content, but also in creating it as well – and wanting to become more involved in the production process, I thought it was about time that I purchased a new digital camera. With so many models and options to choose from, where would I begin my search for the right camera?

While the easy way to make my choice was to simply ask Stephen – after all, not only is my husband very opinionated, but with many years as "a working pro" photographer behind him, I knew he wouldn’t steer me wrong. Still, Stephen tends to prefer the biggest, fanciest, most feature-packed (and expensive!) model that is available, and that isn’t what I wanted – so I figured that I would consider my real needs, and then choose the camera that came closest to fulfilling those needs. Since more than a few of you are probably looking for a new camera suitable for shooting porn, let me share my thoughts with you:

While it’s tempting to pick a random number and call it "my budget" or to choose a brand name or model based on how ‘cute’ or ‘sexy’ it is, or how seemingly advanced the technology (or is that marketing hype?), or to be lost in a sea of increasing mega pixel counts and lens zoom ratios, I decided to really think about the intended application – and then choose the right tool for the job.

The first thing I thought about was how and where I would use my camera. Stephen has an Olympus e10, which is a big, full-sized digital camera that makes beautiful pictures, but is best used around the studio, because to take it anywhere, you need to keep it in a carrying case, and it’s so bulky (not to mentioned too complicated to use for the kind of picture taking I have in mind) that it stays at home more often than not.

So having a small / lightweight camera that I'll actually bring with me instead of leaving at home is important, because if I can just toss it in my handbag (or make Stephen carry it in the pocket of his cargo pants!) then I’ll have my camera when those "spur of the moment" opportunities arise. For instance, Stephen was waiting for me outside the ladies room at the mall the other day, when he noticed that they had a "Family Restroom" – with a locking door and a nice wooden bench seat. Spacious and well lit, this was an ideal set for a ‘public potty sex’ shoot – if only we had a small camera with us…

Likewise, having an inconspicuously sized camera has other benefits: because it’s small and unobtrusive, taking candid snapshots is just that – "taking candid snapshots." What do I mean? I saw a really sweet photo of a girl in a supermarket squatting down to pick up an item on the bottom shelf. Her long, dark hair covered her face, lending a feeling of anonymity, and the grainy quality of the pic gave it a real "snapshot of the girl next door" flavor, with a serious touch of naughtiness – since you could see her cleanly shaven pussy peeking out from underneath her short skirt. This image was a voyeur’s delight, and while it would be impossible to get away with shooting it using some giant, ‘professional’ camera, a small pocket-sized model that could fit in the palm of my hand would be perfect to capture these fleeting moments!

Many public places and events prohibit professional photographers from shooting without permits and all sorts of restrictions, but a couple of people taking ‘holiday snaps’ draws little attention, and if I got caught ‘flashing’ or doing something naughty, it could easily be explained as spontaneous ‘fun’ – unless it was obviously "a professional porn shoot" or other ‘curiosity magnet’ (you would be surprised how many people have to see what’s going on when they notice a photographer popping flashes and pointing his big lens at a pretty girl!)

So with all of these thoughts in mind, it became clear that the smaller and less sophisticated my new camera appeared, the better off I would be. But since there is such a thing as being ‘too small’ and causing me to have to fumble with buttons and everything, I wanted something that was reasonable. It also had to be quite rugged, as I intend to do most of my shooting outdoors and away from home. Fortunately, there are dozens of different makes and models that fit into this category, so my choices were not limited, and it was off to the local Circuit City to enjoy a little ‘hands on’ time with their current offerings.

After an hour or so of pushing buttons, flipping levers, examining lenses, and the overall fit, finish, and feel of the various models they had available, I found one that really stood out: the new Olympus Stylus Digital. The 4 mega pixel ‘400’ model was in stock, had a protective ‘clamshell’ design that shielded the lens and made for easy removal from my pocket without snagging on anything (or breaking any protruding parts off), and the damn thing is ‘weatherproof’ too – perfect for shower scenes, romps at the pool, beach or through the sprinklers at the local park, and impervious to a sudden drop of rain or splash of ‘Mountain Dew!’ $500 later, I walked out of the store with my new toy, and I couldn’t be happier!

While there are many other factors that ‘professional content producers’ would likely have to take into consideration, the fact of the matter is that most digital cameras today take pictures that are more than ‘good enough’ for the Web, and that proper lighting and a good eye for composition is what makes the photo come alive. If you want to take your amateur content to the next level, this sweet new camera from Olympus will do the trick. Enjoy! ~ Ayrora