What’s All the Exxxcitement?

Stephen Yagielowicz
There’s been a lot of controversy lately over XBIZ’ decision to invite ICM President Stuart Lawley to speak about the future of the .xxx TLD at the upcoming XBIZ Hollywood show; with much criticism placed on our doorstep for providing a venue for Lawley to address the community.

As “Defender of the Faith” here at XBIZ, it’s hard for me to hold my tongue against such irrational attacks; and while I’ve been pretty good at being quiet in the face of some of the ‘over the top’ statements I’ve heard, I do need to address the subject; and so, on behalf of myself, personally, and not speaking as a representative of XBIZ, I present the following:

First, I’m appalled at the hypocrisy demonstrated by some so-called “businessmen” (and women), that despite making a living from an industry dependent upon tolerance and an all-inclusive acceptance of differing viewpoints, demand that this person not be allowed to speak. It reminds me of the disgusting displays that are commonplace today on college campuses where idiots shout-down speakers whose viewpoints they disagree with.

What happened to freedom of speech? What happened to your “no censorship” ideals? Or do these ideals only apply to you and your porn-peddling needs? Hypocrites! Seriously, what do you have to fear from listening to a service provider explain his wares? If you think that your position is so superior, you should welcome the opportunity to debate him – not adopt the methods of the book-burners trying to squelch dissenting ideas.

Beyond that, I believe that much of the furor has been caused by a misunderstanding of what the seminar is about. Whether or not you agree with a .xxx TLD, or have misgivings about its implementation, efficacy or expenses, it remains a very distinct possibility that despite the opposition of the U.S. Government, the United Nations, many family groups and indeed, many adult webmasters, that .xxx will be passed.

If .xxx is passed, and I believe it will eventually be passed, it will have a profound impact on the online adult landscape. What then? How will you respond? Having a discussion on this subject is vital, in the same sense that fire drills are conducted in schools; just so everyone knows what to do in case the “what if” scenario plays out.

Businesspeople account for predictable contingencies; they develop mitigation plans and respond to the changing market conditions before them. For these planned measures to be effective, accurate intelligence needs to be amassed and questions need to be answered. XBIZ is providing a venue for those questions to be asked and information disseminated, allowing businesspeople to gain an advantage over the ostriches that would rather bury their heads in the sand.

And that, in the end, is what this is all about: businesspeople gaining an advantage. I’ve said before that the have’s need to shed the have not’s if we’re to continue operating into the future, and this is one mechanism by which this process will progress. But regardless of the politics, patrons, publicity or possibilities of .xxx, it is a matter that professionals need to discuss – whatever the outcome. Will you be part of that discussion, or will you be one of the kids making noise in the other room while the adults are trying to talk?