Adrien Lastic Applies European Savoir-Faire to Pleasure Product Designs

Alex Parker

It might seem strange to begin a column about an Iberian sex toy company by talking about my family history but bear with me; it will make sense in just a moment. My great grandmother lived in one of the northern ports of England and it was there that she met and had a child with a Spanish fisherman; Maybe that is why I have such an affinity for Spain and the rather unique designer and manufacturer of adult novelties Adrien Lastic.

Talking to Maggie, international sales manager at Adrien Lastic, as I have done often in the past few years I cannot help but smile. Her genuine friendliness is disarming, her mischievous nature beguiling and her passion for all things passionate very evident. I first asked her about the origins of the company, who founded it?

Adrien Lastic stands out from the other manufacturers for its constant research to develop innovative easy-to-use products with outstanding properties aiming at opening new horizons in people´s intimate lives.

“Jean Pierre de La Marnierre, [he was] born in France, graduated in Math although he ended up into art and designs. Life led him to Barcelona when in 2009 where CNEX was an importing and sourcing platform out of a Chinese and European partnership. As time went he started dealing with pleasure products to respond to a huge demand in the Spanish market. Dealing with distributors in the pleasure industry, he soon understood that the market was changing along with culture and manners. Taboos were left behind and people were becoming more open-minded towards their sex lives. That´s when he decided to create his own brand and where to develop his passion and skill for industrial design, with a made up pseudo and French sounding inspiring elegance and European savoir-faire. Adrien Lastic was born ...”

I asked what makes AL stand out from other manufacturers. Is it design, technology, attention to detail, the LRS remote devices or all of these?

“Adrien Lastic stands out from the other manufacturers for its constant research to develop innovative easy-to-use products with outstanding properties aiming at opening new horizons in people´s intimate lives. Although the look of a product needs to be attractive to people, our priority is to keep on producing items with excellent usability.”

Every time I speak to Maggie I am struck that Adrien Lastic is very passionate about the design of its products, even down to the exact color of the silicone used.

“Nowadays the world is invaded by mass production producing tons of cheap stuff designed to last a season and be replaced. Adrien Lastic focuses its energy in designing love products and looking after every single detail to make our customer feel that they are looked after as much as we ourselves would like to be! Being proud of our [products] is a must as well as escaping the planned obsolescence concept!”

Adrien Lastic’s latest brochure is very striking, individual and seems very proud to be Spanish.

“No matter where you´re from or what your heritage is, passion is needed to achieve any creative work with perfectionism and that is what Adrien Lastic is all about! Although we are based in Barcelona, our team is multi-cultured and prefer being considered as a European brand, and stick out as the only pleasure toy manufacturer in southern Europe, proud to export our savoir-faire undoubtedly inherited by our cultures. Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in Europe with a cultural landscape created by worldwide famous artists that are part our inspiration and symbol of originality. Our 2015 catalog pretends to be a tribute to a open-minded city known for its free manners and relax way of being, concepts that are basic to fully enjoy a healthy sexual life, aren´t they?”

Adrien Lastic products are created based on personal experiences.

“From a novel to a fiction film, a building to a delicious dish ... Ideas come out from Jean Pierre´s daily life ... It wouldn´t make any sense manufacturing toys without testing them ourselves in the first place, would it? To sell, one has to be convinced in the first place, do you think so? Besides we obviously also send the products outside to be tested by professional teams in order to get their feedback.”

“Adrien Lastic’s basic team in Barcelona is formed by 15 hyper-committed people collaborating daily with freelance professionals in France, South America and China where another team is in charge of operation and production.”

Does Adrien Lastic prefer to supply direct to retailers or through distributors? “Adrien Lastic prefers to supply through distributors that believe in our brand and will know how to introduce it in their market.”

As always I go away from our interview feeling invigorated and with a new sense of passion for the industry that I have worked ion for the past eight years or so. For a jaded hack that’s saying something because whenever I need to see something new and talk to people with a passion for sex toys that seems to be derived from a love of pleasure itself.

So is it my Spanish heritage that draws me to Adrien Lastic? Maybe a tiny bit but mainly it’s the vivacity of the team and their passion for what they do. If you want to find out more about the company the International sales department run by Maggie can be contacted on +34.633.482.028 or by email maggie@adrienlastic.com. Alternatively pop across to the eroFame show and visit their stand which is always full of surprises and occasionally a complimentary glass of fine Spanish Cava. Tell Them Alex Parker sent you.

Alex Parker is an adult product consultant, journalist and erotic author. Since 2005 he has worked within the adult novelty and adult movie industry as reviewer, correspondent and advisor to some of Europe’s largest manufacturers and distributors.


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