10 Tips for Getting Accepted on Link Lists


As an editor for The Free Porn List I review hundreds of sites every week, and as a fellow webmaster, I think submitting is a very simple process. However, I know there are webmasters who make great sites but never get them listed with us. Here are 10 simple things you can do to make sure you are accepted on links lists:

1. READ – and make sure your site follows – all of our rules before submitting it to our site. We do check every submitted site to make sure that this is done, and will not list any that do not follow the rules.

2. Always review your site "online" as if you are a surfer before submitting. So many sites could be listed, but when we check them, there are broken links, pictures not coming up, etc. In your HTML editor things may look great, but once you upload the site some errors can show up.

3. Never submit a site with multiple pop-ups, one that takes over our browser, adds unwanted programs to our computer, etc. All this will do is get your sites deleted without even having them reviewed.

4. Keep a running list of what sites you submitted where. Getting the same sites submitted over and over again simply makes it so that you won't get any listed.

5. Always make sure your recip link is above the enter button, working properly and follows the rules for recip links. The main reason for sites not getting listed is poor or no reciprocal links.

6. Use clear, legal content. We take pride in the sites we accept, and will not consider those with dark, blurry, fake looking or illegal content. Make sure all thumbs are linked to the proper large image. So many sites have one picture on the thumb and a different one on the larger image… Do not have your "enter" button buried on the page. If both editors and surfers can't clearly see the enter link, we won't take the time to search...

7. Do not have your "enter" button buried on the page. If both editors and surfers can't clearly see the enter link, we won't take the time to search for it.

8. Give the editors time to review your site. Emailing shortly after submitting asking why your site isn't listed does not speed up the process. It takes time to review all the sites submitted every day, and most editors review on a first come, first served basis.

9. Check the speed of your site online before submitting. If it is very, very slow, both editors and surfers will not waste time waiting for it to load.

10. Last but not least: do not change the site after submitting. As editors we have a schedule in effect for rechecking sites periodically, and we delete those who have changed the site so that it no longer follows our rules.

Editor’s note: Developing a steady and ever-increasing flow of traffic to your site is the primary ingredient for success, and having an extensive array of link lists feeding your traffic needs is one of the best free tools available to you – all it takes is time, and adherence to a few simple rules, which is surely a small price to pay for tons of free traffic! Enjoy ~ Stephen

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