How to Profit from Expired Domain Names

Wade LaGrenade

As a domain name speculator, I know the value of a good domain name. It's no secret, it's one of the fastest ways to make a quick buck, especially if you're a seasoned eBay PowerSeller with dollar signs in your eyes! Here are some of the recent bids on Ebay: $10,001, $20,000, $1,500, and $560

But to an untold few, there's another powerful revenue stream that entrepreneurs, especially adult webmasters can profit from right now! It's a jealously-guarded secret known only to a handful of adult webmasters who are making six figure incomes every month! It involves a little snooping and speculation, but I don't know anyone who doesn't like a good mystery novel. Before I spill the beans on this incredible traffic revenue secret, here's a sneak peak at how I am profiting right now from 26,000+ "expired" domain names (oops! I couldn't keep it in the bag much longer)....

When I first got involved in the domain name speculation business, I was so excited. As a mortgage broker and conventional real estate investor, I got the chance to put my understanding of time value and appreciation into practice. Then I had a reality check. How am I going to find investment grade domain names that I can buy and sell relatively quickly…without any headache or frustration. I remember in January of 1998 becoming so frustrated spending four to five hours a day after work, typing in great sounding .com names only to find a good one…ONCE per week!

Within a few months, I owned a few domain names that were slowly appreciating in value as link popularity soared each day. I could easily sell them for $500 - $1,000! But I was looking for immediate cashflow. Then one early morning in October of 1999 before going to work, I found it….I tapped into the "motherload"!

The "motherload" that I am referring to is a computer programmer who designed a system to search for "expired" adult domain names. Every week, thousands of people have their precious domain names repossessed because of non-payment of their registration fee! When this happens…the domain name returns to the pool of domain names available to the public. Anyone…and I repeat...anyone can then register that name and claim it for themselves!

If you ever have a chance to acquire "expired" domain names…DO IT! In many cases, they once belonged to webmasters who promoted their domain to the max and boosted their link popularity with hundreds (even thousands) of sites - but ran out of money or filed for bankruptcy before they hit the big time!

What does this mean to you? Simple, you can acquire a great domain name with THOUSANDS of links to simple sites like yours…for only $9. Without a doubt, there's no better way to redirect 2 - 1,250 unique IP visitors or more a day to your adult website and make a fortune. Many adult hosts offer free parking and redirects - so there is absolutely no excuse to not profit from "expired" domain names in the next 24 hours!

Over the years, I have acquired access to over 26,000+ expired domain names, now known as The eTraffic Network, each generating 10 - 1,250+ unique IP visitors a day for several adult and casino webmasters in all walks of life. It is still hard for me to believe that I am a part of one of the biggest traffic revolutions on the Internet and profit from over 3 Million hits of targeted traffic that is lost or abandoned each day!

As an internet marketing specialist, there's no other way that I can think of to generate high-quality unique traffic for your website! Even if you started today and acquired 10 "expired" domains a week for only $90 (average $9 registration fee), you could easily see yourself developing a traffic "motherload" in less than 90 days! Your domains will redirect targeted traffic to your website day after day for huge commission payouts!

There is absolutely no downside to this business! You can make as much money as you want. In many cases, you will have so many high-traffic expired domains in queue for registration, your mind will begin to spin when you think about the amount of money you'll can make by redirecting traffic to just a few of your best payout adult sites! For just $9, you can redirect as much traffic as they will pump out all year long. I am sure you'll second this notion, it beats paying your favorite PPC search engine, $8.95/click!

I am by no means an expert domain name investor, but after almost five years as a marketing consultant, I know a good thing when I see it. Rest assured that even if 5000 investors jumped on the expired domain name bandwagon tomorrow, you will still have a chance to make $5,000 - $10,000 per month in this business! You can sell your "expired" domains for instant profits on eBay or build a nice portfolio that pumps your adult website with targeted, high-quality traffic day after day!

Remember, there are millions of domain names in the registry…and THOUSANDS expire every week! In many cases, someone else paid the $600 Yahoo Express Fee…so you don't have to!

New ones are being registered every there is no end to this incredible business opportunity. There is no limit to how much money you can make with expired domain names. Just set your profit goals and go…it's that easy.