Pipedream Products: The Return of Rubber

Alex Glass

Pipedream Products now produces American-made PVC and TPR at its new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Chatsworth, Calif. The manufacturer has been producing its own rubber in the U.S. since 2007, but a challenge appeared in 2013 when the internal production of the Basix collection could not keep up with the high sales demand. Chairman and CEO Nick Orlandino went to work to alleviate this issue, and a plan was put in place using lean manufacturing principles to redesign and implement a new process.

Orlandino acquired a 50,000-square-foot building just a few blocks away from Pipedream headquarters, and complete renovations were made. The company says that the new facility has seen state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment installed; each individual mold has gone through a re-plating process in order to sustain more pours; extruder machines have been revamped to offer better control of the fill process; and proprietary cooling systems were installed to reduce molding times.

At the heart of the new manufacturing facility is Pipedream’s customized cooling system, a fully automated process designed to cool the product and recycle the molds as quick as possible.

At the heart of the new manufacturing facility is Pipedream’s customized cooling system, a fully automated process designed to cool the product and recycle the molds as quick as possible. In the previous facility, freshly poured product went through a 24-hour cooling process before the items were ready for finishing and packaging. Today, a new dildo is poured, packaged and ready to ship in one hour! Molds run on a conveyor belt through a cooling tunnel that blows cold air directly on the mold, allowing workers to remove the product immediately and freeing the mold for the next pour.

From there, the extracted pieces are moved to a high-tech cooling bath, which quickly drops the rubber’s temperature and preps it for handling. An automated conveyor system transports the dildos from the cooling tank to the finishing area, where workers trim and smooth the product and prepare it for packaging. Once the items are packaged, they’re boxed in master cartons and ready to ship.

According to the company, this improved procedure has increased fill rates by 140 percent. The manufacturer now has the capacity to produce 5,000 packaged and ready-to-ship products per day (25,000 a week) and expects to double this capacity with additional work shifts. Employees now have a bigger workspace, and have been issued new tools and procedures to ensure high quality and efficient production and packaging.

“The new system has been tested, debugged, implemented, and is currently fully operating and running smoothly,” the company says. Pipedream now has the ability to produce 1.2 million products a year on a regular 40-hour work week, which will be doubled by adding a second shift. In addition to new collections (Real Cock will serve as the first line conceived in the new facility, to debut at January’s ANME), Pipedream also has the capacity to offer private label manufacturing for any sized customer.

“With the flood of cheap, non-compliant Chinese imports in the market today, Pipedream has built the ultimate facility to bring manufacturing back to America. By doing so, we can offer better quality, compliant, body-safe products in large volume at competitive prices, and we can do it faster and more efficiently than any other manufacturer, ” said Pipedream Chairman and CEO Nick Orlandino. Pipedream is known for 95% fill rates on our entire product line, and this new facility will help us maintain this standard.”

“We’ve brought on a 27-year industry veteran of rubber manufacturing and product development to help lead the way, and his vast knowledge of new materials and proven techniques will be a valuable asset to our team. Our Senior Vice President of Operations Pete Ledeboer has an extensive background in manufacturing for mainstream companies like Mattel, Kransco and El Dorado Stone, and he’s helped develop and implement large scale manufacturing processes that will help us make the highest quality products at the best prices.”

Ledeboer says he is equally excited about the new facility and can’t wait to help make Pipedream the leader in rubber production.

”I have been involved for 20-plus years with slowly moving manufacturing from the United States to either Mexico, China, Indonesia, or the next low labor market on the horizon due to labor costs,” said Ledeboer. “My goal, starting with the Basix area, is to remove as much non-value added cost to our product lines, using lean manufacturing principles, so that as many of our current and future products can possibly be made in the U.S. in a high quality, efficient manner. Every time that we are successful at this strategy, it will help Pipedream achieve timely new product introductions, quicker reaction to market, less complex supply chain management, and ultimately, higher customer satisfaction.”

What Is Real Cock?

The 50-plus piece collection offers realistic PVC dildos made in the U.S. from phthalate-free, latex-free, hypoallergenic PVC rubber. There are 18 unique styles available in three colors – flesh, brown and black. Each piece has been handcrafted and sculpted to offer a lifelike beginner’s dildo.

Pipedream’s goal was to create an affordable alternative to its more realistic (and more expensive) Real Feel Fanta Flesh collections. “We’ve taken the most affordable material on the market and transformed it beyond what most people imagine when they think of PVC,” said VP of Development Rob Phaneuf. “Though both collections are made with PVC, the Basix range features the traditional transparent look that’s associated with jelly toys – but the Real Cock collection looks and feels like a completely different range. From better molds to even better manufacturing to extremely detailed decorating, the entire manufacturing process has made Real Cock the best beginners PVC range on the market.”

Every dildo features a suction cup base with models ranging from six inches to 12 inches long, balls and no balls, double dongs and anal plugs.

The collection comes packaged in clear clamshell uniform packaging, with custom planograms, physical and digital catalogs, art and videos, branded signage, and hands-on training by request.