Getting Webmaster Traffic: Part 1

Stephen Yagielowicz

Whether you run an affiliate program, sell content, offer web design services, provide web hosting, or supply any of a number of other products or services targeted to the needs of adult webmasters, you need quality webmaster traffic in order to grow your business. Here’s an easy (and free) alternative:

XBiz Webmaster Exchange™'s Webmaster Exchange is the perfect tool for boosting adult webmaster traffic. By simply placing a brief snippet of code on your webmaster-targeted pages, you will be able to display selected banners from other participating web sites, while those same sites display YOUR banner – ensuring a steady flow of high quality webmaster traffic. Your banner is displayed using a 3:2 Ratio, meaning that for every 3 ads shown on your site, you earn 2 credits, resulting in your banner being shown 2 times on other Webmaster Exchange™ participating member sites.

The service is free and easy to setup for sites offering products and services to adult webmasters (keeping in mind that free hosted sites, tgps, picposts, topsites and link sites are not eligible). There is zero-tolerance on cheating, and any attempt to cheat (including altering the HTML code which will be given to you) will permanently ban you from the program. Sound good to you? Then grab yourself a good 468x60 banner and signup for your free account – heck, we’ll even give you 50 free credits for joining!

Signing up is really easy: a few simple questions including your name and email address, a desired username and password, plus the name and URL of your web site, and your banner URL is nearly all that is required – with the selection of the categories of sites you wish to display banners for on your webmaster pages, and the categories of sites you wish your banner to be displayed on, remaining to complete the submission form. This is a really important feature, as it allows you to better target your traffic – as well as limit any potential competitor’s access to your current webmaster traffic.

After the signup form is submitted, you are given a confirmation page which displays your banner in order to verify that you’ve entered its URL correctly, and that the size (468x60) is correct. Your chosen username, as well as your under-banner text link is also displayed for verification. You are also provided with the snippet of HTML you will need to add to your webmaster-targeted page(s).

Beyond your individual code, there is also a facility for enhanced banner tracking across multiple pages, with a pair of XX’s within the link code that must be replaced with a number between 01 and 99. Both occurrences of the ‘XX’ must be replaced with the same number to ensure proper operation, and if you include this code onto more than one page, then each page should display a different value for XX. In other words, if you place the code on two pages, then both occurrences of XX could be ‘01’ on the first page, and then ‘02’ on the second page.

Once the HTML code has been added to your webmaster page(s), your account will start generating credits for each banner you display. Returning to you can easily access your account to review your stats, edit your details, grab your unique HTML code, or retrieve a lost password. The statistics section is particularly useful, showing not only the number of times that your site has displayed Webmaster Exchange banners, but the number of times your banner has been displayed, along with clickthroughs and your overall click through rate (CTR) percentage – a very valuable tool for gauging the effectiveness of your banner ads, and for comparing several different banners to determine which is most effective.

As this ongoing series progresses, we’ll look at several productive methods for acquiring high-quality adult webmaster traffic. Using the XBiz Webmaster Exchange as the foundation of your efforts makes lots of sense, since it will allow you to leverage your existing – and soon to increase – traffic flow, recycling current visitors for new. Give it a try – you won’t be disappointed! Good luck ~ Stephen

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