Add content to site without 2257 worries

More and more paysites are creating their own content. Some websites are single focused on a solo girl/guy.

The one major issue for any website is how to maintain members once you have attracted them to your site.

The way you keep members happy is to supply them with content.

For sites that pick up models at shoots, the push is to have more and more photoshoots.

For solo girl/guy sites, its to add more content of themselves to keep the member happy.

Both kinds of sites benefit from adding more content, but the solo girl/guy sites and sites that have re-ocurring models, have an edge that the member is interested in that particular person.

The more that the website interacts with the member, the more the member feels involved. Many sites are adding bloopers, behind the scenes video, special "fan signs", etc

A new technology, actually based on old technology that I created back in the dot-bomb days, has re-emerged as My Naughty Messages.

MyNaughtyMessages.com allows a person to use a cell phone (or landline) to record a message and within a minute, it is available for members to listen on the website.

While there may be similar type services, MyNaughtyMessages distinguishes itself by the fact that the website owns the audio files. The audio files are uploaded to the website via HTTP, and from there, sample code is provided to allow for the playback and management of the files.

The original technology was more centralized where the audio was streamed from a central server, which meant the server was able to know number of visitors and stats to a site.

The updated model allows websites to keep the content and use it however they wish, using the MyNaughtyMessages (MNM) phone-to-web gateway to easily make updates to the website.

The MNM phone server can be programmed into speed dial on a phone, includng the mailbox and PIN, such that with one push of the button, a person can be recording what they are doing, what they are thinking, etc.

Messages could be while on vacation, while out shopping, random thoughts, bedtime stories, naughty messages, etc.

With photo and video content, you have to shoot, edit, upload.

With MNM, you dial, record, and listen.

MNM literally offers freedom of speech and adds artistic value to the website, and doesn't require any 2257 documentation for the content.

Learn more about the service at MyNaughtyMessages.com

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