ePassporte: The PayPal Alternative

Rand Pate

Recently PayPal has announced its departure from the adult Internet industry. Programs searching for an alternative need look no further. Epoch’s ePassporte Virtual VISA transaction processing system stands poised to fill the gap!

After much discussion regarding the functionality of ePassporte and its ability to be used as a PayPal alternative, ePassporte announces the release of an interface that allows for online payments from ePassporte account holders anywhere, without the need for a traditional merchant account.

The ePassporte Commerce Account currently allows Internet merchants to collect non-recurring payments for goods and services. For instance, you could sell items in an online store or collect for an auction sale, in any dollar amount.

How the Commerce Accounts Work
If the purchaser has an existing ePassporte Account, it takes only the time to enter a user name and password to finalize the sale. If not, the purchaser is directed to a simple interface, creates an account, and completes the purchase.

Commerce Account Benefits:

  • The ePassporte Virtual Visa is issued within minutes online and allows the purchaser to remain anonymous when making online purchases.
  • ePassporte is accepted worldwide and has been issued to thousands of surfers in more than 100 countries.
  • An ePassporte account allows for low cost, instantaneous, global, Peer-to-Peer payments.
  • ePassporte Account holders have the additional benefit of automatically being able to use their Virtual Visa to shop at online merchants who accept Visa.
  • The ePassporte team has processed millions of online high-risk transactions and is committed to the processing needs of the online community.
  • ePassporte is positioned to be the online currency of choice for webmasters and surfers seeking low cost, flexible, and anonymous shopping all over the world.

Editor’s Note: For those who are unfamiliar with the ePassporte program, the following brief background will familiarize you with the basics of this innovative processing solution: In it’s simplest terms, ePassporte is a VISA debit card as well as a PLUS ATM card. Providing an answer to billing for previously blocked transactions, ePassporte has a virtually unlimited number of potential applications; one of which is a solution for processing high-risk and previously blocked transactions that might not otherwise be accepted due to scrubbing.

It is also an anonymous way for consumers to buy adult entertainment, plus other products and services online, without the charges appearing on their regular credit card statement, and with the limited risk that comes from not using their ‘regular‘ credit card for online purchases from unknown vendors. ePassporte also includes peer-to-peer payment functionality, which has virtually limitless applications.

ePassporte functions just like any other Visa card for online transactions and can be obtained in real-time in virtually seconds from ePassporte's homepage. The ePassporte Virtual VISA is to be used exclusively for online purchases, and is available for use immediately, since the card number, expiration date, and CVV2 number are obtained at the moment that the ePassporte account is opened. Balance funds for this Virtual Visa account may be loaded or reloaded from any VISA or MasterCard. Once the ePassporte is loaded with a stored value, the Virtual VISA is created instantly, totally online, and ready to use for online purchases.

For merchants looking for a simple, secure, and robust replacement for PayPal, Epoch’s ePassporte system provides a promising alternative worth exploring. ePassporte Commerce Accounts are FREE and available now: Contact to check it out, and see if it works for you! ~ Stephen