A Plea For Help

Stephen Yagielowicz

Now and again I’ve opened my mail bag and shared some of the more thought-provoking emails that I’ve received with you all, and have done so for a variety of reasons. This time, it’s because I was asked for a simple favor, but one I don’t personally have the time to grant. But more than asking me for a site review, this gentleman posed a question concerning the nature and extent of help that adult Webmasters are willing to give to one another…

The Letter I Received
“JUST HOW GOOD ARE YOU? REALLY? Because I need your help! I ask this question to find out, "if", you ever give anything back to other webmasters or owners in your industry? I am sixty-six (66) years old and don't have the time it takes to go back to school and learn all the things "you" already know. Furthermore, I want to find out just what kind of people we have in the field in which I am now taking part.

Let's cut to the chase, I NEED YOU TO REVIEW MY NEW ADULT WEBSITE. I need your honest opinion. Tear it apart; everything from its appearance to it source code/html and your thoughts about selling t-shirts and having nude male and female galleries for our customers viewing pleasure. SELLING T-SHIRTS, however, is our primary focus. We anticipate expanding our clothing lines in the future and much of that will depend on the direct results of the feedback we receive when you review our site. Up to this point, I find that the site is a fun place to shop though trying to please Google and the other search engines is next to impossible.

For the past forty-five (45) years, whenever I needed help from the professionals in my career fields I have simply just had to ask and they always responded. It is important for you to understand that I am not your competitor. In fact, in many cases I will actually become a customer of yours or will return the favor by promoting your site. Please take this as a very personal promise, EVERY one of your comments and recommendations WILL BE reviewed and acted on by me, personally. Additionally, please understand that due to legal constraints, YOU (or the person actually doing the review) must be, at least, 18 years of age not only to accept this offer to help but to also access our membership galleries on our site. I am confident that you are aware and will respect and honor this point of law.

If you want to help and spend the 15 to 20 minutes it will take you to review my site, just respond to this email plea for assistance and we will send you "free" ID's and Password instructions.

Starting this venture at the ripe old age of 66 doesn't leave one a lot of time (life span) for the normal business learning curve. I wish to use the money generated from this site to supplement my "golden years". With this in mind, I look forward to and greatly appreciate any assistance you can offer. Please know that I will return, to you, any favor or help that I can ever offer. – Most Respectfully, Charles (Chuck) Klyber”

Well, as I stated already, I don’t currently have the time to provide Chuck with the type of help he needs, but I would if I could. While I don’t usually toss such requests onto you, my readers, I wonder if there is someone who could help him out. More importantly, I wonder just how much today’s generation of adult Webmasters in general are willing to step up and help a newbie out? And I know we have folks on this board with experience in these areas...

If you have any advice for Chuck, add it to the thread below; maybe we can see how much our community is willing to help! TIA ~ Stephen