Pleasure Products: Too Hot to Handie

Kim Airs

It seems that women have all the luck and all the pleasure in the adult toy industry with gizmos made of quality materials with the latest technology, in an endless spectrum of designs, shapes and colors. And for the lonely guys out there, pretty much all they have are cock rings that vibrate or not, or the ubiquitous masturbation tube in different shapes, sizes, lengths but not much else.

Until now.

What makes The Handie so distinctive is that it really is a complete pleasure delivery device for guys, much like how many of the vibrators and stimulators are made for women.

Adult film industry veteran, Maxx, decided it was time to market his long-developed, personally designed men’s masturbation toy, The Handie. And doing it in style via the popular crowd funding platform, IndieGoGo.

“I realized that with many of the commercially available masturbation sleeves and tubes, there were a lot of features that were just missing from them,” Maxx shared. “I decided to do some research into what guys experienced and how they could be improved. I did some lengthy web searches, finding out what guy’s frustrations were with commonly available masturbation tubes and found plenty of ways to improve them.”

Maxx is no stranger to the world of adult. Like many of us, Maxx drew upon his prior experience outside of the adult industry to figure out how to get something done. For him, it was creating in recording studios for the music industry, eventually progressing to The Firm, a large entertainment company, even becoming day-to-day manager for singer Rick Springfield. From there, he jumped to the “other Hollywood,” starting many years ago as New Sensations owner Scott Taylor’s assistant and during the first day he started work there, he was foisted into the position of product manager. He quickly became immersed in all things adult where he continues to thrive today. “I worked for quite a while with Teravision and it was there I learned so much about what guys get off on and what they get off with,” he stated. “Now I am with Pornstar Camhouse, where I can relate to the guys who want something to satisfy themselves with while they are enjoying the pleasures of cam sex.”

So Maxx’s research lead to the development of The Handie, starting with a prototype he created over three years ago. “I wanted to make something that made sense and build a better mousetrap, so to speak,” Maxx said. “I made a list of all the problems guys had with different kinds of blow up dolls, doll-type masturbators and common and even uncommon masturbation sleeves and I thought ‘there’s gotta be a better way to improve these’ which would solve every problem men had with them. The problems were often a “one size fits all” hole, and a lot of guys commented on how disgusting they were to clean, they often have no vibration, and especially how much you had to lube it because often you’d get chafing using them.” He also noted that the size of some of these masturbation devices were so big, there was the embarrassment of actually using a large, bulky tube that actually left some guys thinking ‘I hope to god my dead relatives are not watching, I’m so ashamed.’ Maxx knew there was a better way to handle masturbation.

But the path from creating something in his head to actually having a product in Hand(ie), was where Maxx met his obstacles. “I had been in talks with several adult toy manufacturers, explaining what I envisioned and they would go and make something and then come back with something completely different. I even brought my invention to a manufacturer in China and they had it for two months and couldn’t figure out how to make it. It was frustrating but I knew what I wanted,” Maxx sighed. “After 2 years, I decided to stop pursuing adult industry companies and went to a Hollywood special effects guy. He immediately figured out what I wanted and successfully created it on the first try. I knew I had to “take it into my own hands” to create The Handie and at that point, I pulled a team together with a really good guy who does CAD work for molding and got to where we’re at right now.”

What makes The Handie so distinctive is that it really is a complete pleasure delivery device for guys, much like how many of the vibrators and stimulators are made for women. Made of silicone, The Handie is a glove-like device that is molded to fit over a man’s right hand (the left hand model is coming soon). It has bumps and ridges in the palms and on all of the fingers and that’s where any comparison to a gloved masturbation accessory ends. Maxx’s design of The Handie has eliminated two of the major problems and added an extra stimulation device as well.

The first problem was that of constant lubrication to cut down on friction, usually associated with a mano solo sex. To eliminate this pesky and persistent problem, Maxx developed a self-lubricating system that allows the user to squeeze a bit of lubricant from the attached, molded reservoir, directly onto the user’s throbbing penis head.

The second problem was cleaning the junk spunk off and out of the product. Many tube masturbators make you turn the tub inside out to clean it and some don’t even have an escape hatch for the thousands of swimmers with no place to go. Many guys are kind of icked out about handling spent spermatozoa and complained to Maxx about that. Problem solved with The Handie. With a built in cum reservoir between the thumb and index finger, a guy can shoot his load right where it makes the most sense (other than the usual white tube sock). To clean, all you need to do with The Handie is squeeze the cum filled bulb over the toilet or down the sink and voila! Ick free disposal of the guy’s future offspring.

But Maxx didn’t want to stop at just practical. He decided to add a pleasure factor, too, with a cordless bullet vibe tucked onto the molded pinky, made to stimulate under the frenulum – the most sensitive part of a guy’s dick. It’s completely optional if the guy wants to use this to increase sensation or if anything else on The Handie will do the trick.

As with any new product, it takes money to turn a design and a dream into reality. Adult friendly crowd funding site, IndieGoGo, has supported Maxx’s effort to create enough Handies to be available to the public via his website, “Right now, we’re just custom making The Handie for people who buy them on our website or support our IndieGoGo campaign,” Maxx espoused. “We’re offering The Handie to Indiegogo supporters in a limited edition for right handers. Our IndieGoGo campaign will be used to develop a left hand model and to make several Handies to give to reviewers. Regardless of the outcome of the Indiegogo campaign, we are going to continue to make these limited editions until we can move into the next phase of injection molding. I have large companies that want to work with us and the only way to work with them is when the numbers are in the thousands.”

So let’s raise a hand for Maxx and his dedication for men’s solo sexual pleasure! To support his goals and to get one into your own hands, simply go to You may never want to leave the house again.