Giving Back: Deja Vu Inspires Industry Participation in Breast Cancer Fundraising

Megan Swartz

At Deja Vu, we are always very excited to participate in Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and support this great cause. We do this in hopes that one day there will not be a cause to support. We are here to help those directly affected to celebrate more birthdays. It is very important for us to help fund this search for a cure because in some way or another we have all been affected by this disease.

Being involved in charities also contributes to branding and team building. It boosts team spirit and unity. Fundraising and helping bring awareness to a cause is very rewarding for everyone.

Being involved in charities also contributes to branding and team building. It boosts team spirit and unity. Fundraising and helping bring awareness to a cause is very rewarding for everyone. - Megan Swartz

My first involvement in charity with Deja Vu was in 2013. Kimberly Scott Faubel, manager of Deja Vu Love Boutique, and I were team leaders for a wonderful cause; Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.

We joined this campaign here, in Las Vegas, and raised more than $11,000. Our team, Deja Vu Boob Crew, was one of the top participating teams in the city and consisted of 40 Deja Vu employees, friends and family. We proudly walked the 5K with fellow Las Vegas teams, supporters and survivors.

This year we pledged a goal of 15K and with the help of friends, family and vendors we are nearly there. We are also growing our team of walkers daily. You can find me and Kim’s name atop the list of participants as two of the five “Pacesetters” for the Las Vegas event. To become a Pacesetter, you must raise $2,500 towards your personal goal. This year the finale 5K walk will take place at the Red Rock Resort and Casino. We are very honored and excited to have such a heavy involvement with this organization.

One of the contributions to this year’s goal was a joining of forces; Deja Vu and the Hustler Club hosted a charity golf and poker event. We received major support from our vendors with our first ever charity golf event. Working together we put on, what was probably the most memorable tournament at the Primm Valley Golf Resort.

“Our tournament and caddies gave a new meaning to golf and charitable giving,” Deja Vu owner Harry Mohney said. “Out of 100 teams only 14 turned in score cards.”

Some of the Primm Valley Charity Golf sponsors included Frank Koretsky and Brian Herbstman of East Coast News, Greg Alves of Evolved Novelties, Mark Miller of Lion’s Den and Billy Johnson of Romantix. I, along with seven Deja Vu / Hustler entertainers, had the privilege of caddying for this fun group. In addition to the local entertainers, close to 150 more were flown in from around the country to participate in the sexy caddy auction for more than 100 pairs at the golf event. It was an amazing experience for a fabulous cause.

“Romantix is happy to support the fight against breast cancer,” Romantix COO Billy Johnson said. “We all have known people who have been affected by this devastating disease. Both Deja Vu and The Hustler Club do so much for the community and it has been wonderful to be involved in their efforts to give back. We are very fortunate to work in an industry that supports great causes such as [fighting] breast cancer.”

“We had a phenomenal turnout for the first charity golf outing and next year the tournament will be even better,” Dawn Beasly said.

“We are thrilled to see this year’s golf and poker charity attendance like no other before. Some wanted it to happen. Some wished it would happen. We MADE it happen for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. This event was fun, exciting and we look forward to doing it again next year. No one has ever become poor by giving,” said Leo Mena, PR & Marketing Director for Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club and Deja Vu Showgirls.

Another event we held to raise funds was a Magic Gel live demonstration inside Deja Vu Showgirls. Magic Gel sponsored this event by offering free product for guests that made donations during our three stage shows. We demonstrated nuru massage using entertainers that preformed two duets and one solo show. We were very thankful to have [Magic Gel owners] Cariel and Orit donate their time and product to show support. It is amazing to see the generosity in all of our vendors and it’s always great to spend the day with them. While they were here, we even set up a Mr. Noris Magic Gel display fountain and gave our staff an awesome seminar.

“We work in an industry that caters to the public in the most personal way so it only makes sense to me to give back along the same lines. Breast cancer is real and it’s everywhere – the people on the front lines of our retail stores have helped survivors find the right products when dealing with recovery from chemotherapy, mastectomy, etc. These problems are real and we have the opportunity to use the more entertaining part of our job to raise some serious money to help fight this disease. I am honored to be a part of this fight and grateful that Megan, and the key players at Hustler and Deja Vu, have been so active in this fundraising,” said Kimberly Faubel, manager of Deja Vu Love Boutique.

With more than 10 years working with Deja Vu’s various branches, Megan Swartz — Déjà Vu’s general manager and buyer — has made a name for herself as a dedicated and savvy, merchandising and operations-managing dynamo.