Move Over Mr. T: Falcon Studios Group's New A-Team

Move Over Mr. T: Falcon Studios Group's New A-Team
Dan Cameron

In years past, Falcon Studios and Raging Stallion Studios have selected “Men of the Year” from their stable of exclusives to represent the kind of sex appeal and talent fans expect from the brands. But as time went on, President Chris Ward notes they found more and more men with exclusive-worthy assets—and that pool has only grown larger with the acquisition of Hot House and the formation of Falcon Studios Group this summer.

“We realized the concept of a ‘Man of the Year’ was obsolete considering the awesome diversity and range of abilities among our performers, so we’ve created the A-Team: an entirely new way to recognize this elite group,” he says. “With this talented collection of models, we are reinforcing our brands’ reputations for producing the highest quality all-male erotica in the world. This group of men will deliver the performances to maintain that standard of excellence fans expect from Falcon Studios, Raging Stallion Studios and Hot House.”

I started this business out of my house and there have been some tough times where I didn’t know if the business would survive. Now I’m president of the biggest producer of all male erotica in the world. Pinch me. -Chris Ward, Falcon Studio Group

The A-Team will be the focal point of the group’s marketing efforts in 2015, and Ward says they are developing an exciting campaign around the men — showcasing each of the models and their special talents.

“I really can’t believe it’s been 15 years already. I started this business out of my house and there have been some tough times where I didn’t know if the business would survive. Now I’m president of the biggest producer of all male erotica in the world. Pinch me,” Ward says. “My first labor of love — and how I really made my mark—is Raging Stallion, so it holds special significance for me. We’re excited to celebrate the milestone in so many different ways.”

The birthday celebration kicked off in mid-September with the release of the “Raging Stallion 15th Anniversary Pack,” including 15 of the finest movies made during the history of the company. The studio also held its huge blowout party in late September.

“Every one of our exclusives is a total package in his own way, but each model also has his own super-special asset that no one else can match. Boomer Banks has the biggest dick in porn. Dario Beck has the most perfectly hairy ass of all time. Brian Bonds has a hole that can take just about anything. Ryan Rose is the archetypical all-American Falcon man. Johnny V has a jaw-dropping physique. The list goes on and on.”

With the team ready to take the industry by storm, Ward offered his thoughts on the 13 men selected for the honor:

Brian Bonds “has what I consider to be one of the finest chests in gay porn. It’s muscular, meaty and covered with thick blond hair. I have been watching Brian for years, but suddenly, in the past few months, he completely changed—the boy turned into a stunning man. On top of his great looks and excellent body, Brian has the added asset of being a first-rate performer who loves having sex on film. He is a porn director’s dream. Finally, Brian’s range of sexual likes and activities is remarkable: he fucks, he gets fisted, he does fetish. He’s amazing in the new Falcon fall blockbuster, Naughty Pines.”

Boomer Banks “has the biggest dick I have ever seen in porn, and as you can imagine, he has one of the biggest fan bases. We also really like ethnic guys here at our studio, so Boomer’s Latin heritage goes over very well with our fans. Boomer is a clear superstar and we are very excited that he just renewed his contract for another year. Watch for a big announcement about Boomer’s performance in the Raging Stallion fall blockbuster, Auto Erotic.”

Derek Atlas “is world class. His fine face and sculpted physique make him one of a handful of men who I would say live up to the term ‘superstar’. Derek reminds me of the great stars of the classic years of porn, and he really fits into what I consider to be the hyper-masculine Raging Stallion look. Derek is the kind of guy I always wanted to film when I started in the industry. We’ll let fans see for themselves when his first scene for premieres on October 9.”

Shawn Wolfe: “I first met Shawn when I was directing a scene between him and Benjamin Godfre. I was astounded by both Shawn’s good looks and his personality. He is a personal favorite of mine and I hope he stays at our studio for years to come. Most of our hairy guys are dark featured — black hair, dark skin, etc. — but Shawn is one of those blond hairy guys that are few and far between. He was our Raging Stallion Man of the Year last year.”

Ryan Rose: “I was impressed with Ryan the moment I met him. I had seen all the rumors and gossip about him online, but when I met him I found him to be delightful, intelligent and exceptionally hot. He has the ‘Falcon look’ in spades. His scenes have been outstanding, so much so that we named him Falcon’s Man of the Year last year. Because of Raging Stallion’s popularity, we get lots of applications from hairy studs, so having a top-level smooth-skinned guy like Ryan really reinforces the iconic traditions of Falcon Studios.”

Dario Beck “began his career over at Titan, and I was extremely jealous! This man, I often said, was probably the hottest man alive. I was astounded when he finished up his Titan contract and wanted to work with us. Titan (a great bunch of guys, by the way) encouraged me to put him under contract; Dario left Titan simply because they had shot him in every way imaginable over the years. Dario is ‘fashion model’ hot and has a fine hairy chest that is unmatched. His good looks translate well into all three of our brands. We recently shot him in Spain, and I can’t wait to get him to Las Vegas to film him here in America. I do have an ulterior motive: I really want to meet him in person!”

Brent Corrigan: “What can I say about Brent Corrigan? A lot. This guy is not only hot, he is possibly the smartest actor I have ever known. When I sat down to meet with him about joining our team, he really impressed me. Brent is a businessman who is going to have a long, illustrious career in porn both in front of and behind the camera. We just shot his first new scenes and they are show stoppers. We are going to push his career to new heights by filming him in our high-profile productions and establishing him as an enduring, influential force in the industry. I look forward to a long relationship with him. His first performances back in front of the camera after a hiatus go live on September 19 and October 2, on”

Hunter Marx: “Keith Webb at Titan phoned me a few months back offering to do the first ever joint exclusive. They had been filming Hunter for a few years and did not have enough ongoing work to keep him under a one studio contract. I took one look at him and jumped at the opportunity. He perfectly fits into the big, hairy guy look we love at Raging Stallion. Also, it’s really nice to be working closely and cooperatively with Titan, finally setting aside our longstanding rivalry.”

David Benjamin: “I met David Benjamin at the Grabbys this year, and he’s such an engaging and intelligent guy with a stunning body and assets to match. He’s new to the industry and eager to really take it by storm, so I knew that he was a great fit to the team of exclusives that I wanted to create. He had already shot a scene for Hot House’s Trunks 8, and we got him into shoot more right away and offer him a contract. After seeing his footage, I knew that I had made the right decision bringing him on, and of course he was a prime candidate for the A-Team when we started to decide who we would pick to represent our studios. He’s already debuted in Hot House and a Falcon Edge release, and he’s got two Monster Bang movies in the can.”

Andrew Stark “has the classic Falcon look. Unlike our hairy studs over at Raging Stallion, Andrew (standing well over 6-feet tall) comes to us mainly for our Falcon and Hot House brands. He approached me about being an exclusive, and it would have been impossible to say ‘no’ to this stud! I really enjoy working with him, and I’m a big fan of his scruffy beard. Andrew is a man who appeals to a broad market of the gay porn fan base. We are lucky to have him. Oh, and have you seen the size of his cock?”

Johnny V: “When Johnny V showed up to film one of our scenes, everyone from the directors to the grips was awed by the extreme physical development this guy has. I have never seen abs and a chest like these! Like our other A-Team studs, Johnny is world class and can write his own ticket in the industry. The fact that he chose to work with us makes me extremely proud. Another blond muscle hunk—it makes me want to burst into Louis Armstrong’s song, ‘What a Wonderful World’!”

Sean Zevran: “Wow. How is it possible for a guy to be this hot? When he arrived to shoot his first scene with us, while he was filming I had an emergency meeting with my staff. I told them, ‘Do not let him leave the building without a signed exclusive contract!’ Guys like Sean come along only once every few years, and I know better than to let a guy like him slip by. Sean was flattered by our offer and he accepted. Now his is one of our top guys and one of the foundations of our new A-Team. Again, what I really like about him more than anything else is that fine chest (which looks great both shaved and hairy).”

Jimmy Durano “is not only one of our hottest, most important actors, he is also the art director for Hot House Studios. While not formally an exclusive, he is an A-Team member through and through. Jimmy has delivered top performances over his great career—and every single time we cast him, he delivers a performance that is Grade A. Jimmy is the backbone of our Hot House casting, and we are thrilled to continue filming him for all of our studios as often as possible.”