The Phoenix Forum: 2003

Stephen Yagielowicz

This may be the third Phoenix Forum, but it‘s my first and what a kick ass event it‘s been so far! The Forum today was an excellent opportunity to share the latest industry information. The mood was upbeat and professional, and thanks to all the sponsors, the buffet was awesome, and the networking, plentiful.

It Begins
The evening has begun with a wide variety of events from Sports bars to strip clubs and even a therapy round of paintball war. This follows a great day of networking. For those who could make it, and those who couldn't, here's a glimpse of the Phoenix scene.

Click the pics for a closer look at the fun:

Patty Cakes =) Giga Who? Giga Chris! Getting Registered
Aly and Mike Hotel Lobby Calm Before the Storm
Women In Adult FUBAR OY! OY! OY!
Tom and Joan Rand, Tucker & Keith And Rocki Too!
Eric Grabs Content Cathy Sends It Out Buffet Heaven
Python's Cruise Director Ayrora & Allison *HUGS* All Around
Plenty Of Sunshine Plenty Of News Fighting The Good Fight

Paintball was a bit too intense for us at this time of night, and the gay party made me nervous, so it was time for an XBiz update, then bed - but what time we'll get to sleep is another matter...

Saturday morning came bright and early, and I was off to the seminars:

Saturday Starts Tonda from WEG Cash GigaChris Was Early
CCBill Moderates The Experts Talk Everyone Listens
Quentin from TopBucks Lightspeed & Doug Tom, Dave and Bob

Dawn and Twinkley went off to the Women In Adult meeting, and no boys are allowed! So here's a few more pics for you, and I might have a few more after tonight's poolside party - till next time, Enjoy! ~ Stephen