Meet Jackie White of CalExotics

Alex Glass

Jackie White is the vice president of California Exotic Novelties. She recently received the Lifetime Achievement Award during the ECN/ IVD Warehouse Show. Let’s take a closer look and meet this pioneer in the pleasure product industry and hear her amazing story.

Jackie’s career began in the banking industry. A natural people-person, Jackie quickly shifted to retail where she found her passion in sales. Though she loved the excitement and challenges that job presented, there was something unexpected on the horizon that would lead her to an industry she never expected.

I can’t think of anyone more deserving of a lifetime achievement award. I am so thrilled that our dear friends at East Coast News have recognized Jackie White for her dedicated service to California Exotic Novelties and the industry. -Susan Colvin

One day a friend told Jackie about an open position as an executive assistant. It was unlike anything she had ever done before, but she decided to branch out and explore a new challenge. She got the job and was hired to work with Susan Colvin at CPLC.

It didn’t take long before an opportunity arose for Jackie to apply her sales knowledge. She moved into a role working side-by-side with Christian Mann securing foreign video rights. After CPLC dissolved, Jackie joined Susan for a brand new adventure—starting the most successful pleasure product company in history.

From the beginning Jackie White was instrumental in every aspect of the formation of California Exotic Novelties. She helped develop the intricacies of the day-to-day operations, contributed to the design of the products and her influence drove the creation of what has become a powerhouse in the adult novelty business.

Colvin explains, “Because of Jackie’s extensive background in retail sales, she’s open-minded, cutting-edge and caring. She always puts the needs of the company and the industry above herself. Jackie is incredibly creative, hard-working, dedicated, and personable, and is a tireless driving force at our company.”

Throughout the years Jackie helped transform the market. The philosophy she helped create with California Exotic Novelties can be measured by the critical shift in the quality of today’s products, the packaging and the way toys are marketed.

Everyone who’s met Jackie, knows she’s vibrant and full of energy. Friends and colleagues describe her as the life of the party. Jackie calls herself a drama queen, but what it really boils down to, is Jackie is passionate about everything she does.

“I always do my best, no matter what the task,” says Jackie. “If I am folding sheets, I fold them to the best of my ability. If I am with customers, they get my full attention and I’ll do anything I can for them. I give 100-percent to everything I do.”

Traveling the globe annually, Jackie has been a regular fixture at trade shows, open houses, conventions, and every conceivable venue where novelties are being talked about, sold or promoted.

As the Vice President of California Exotic Novelties, Jackie’s influence is still shaping the evolution of the adult novelty industry. She is involved with every aspect of the company and takes a premiere role in sales, marketing and product development.

Jackie’s Lifetime Achievement Award, bestowed during the ECN/IVD Warehouse Show, was presented by Frank Koretsky.

Of the honor, Jackie said, “I couldn’t believe the wonderful, kind things Frank Koretsky said! I am truly touched. The trophy is beautiful and I am so amazed by this unexpected honor. Thank you very much.”

Koretsky adds, “Everything I said about Jackie is true. She is one of those people who just makes you feel good when she enters a room! I’m a better person for knowing her. She has contributed so much to the novelty industry over the years, we all owe a bit of gratitude for the path she’s paved for all of us.”

Reflecting on Jackie, Colvin said, “I can’t think of anyone more deserving of a lifetime achievement award. I am so thrilled that our dear friends at East Coast News have recognized Jackie White for her dedicated service to California Exotic Novelties and the industry. Jackie deserves the Lifetime Achievement Award as a person, as a friend and as a valuable team member of California Exotic Novelties. Jackie is there for all of us during the good times and the challenging ones. We love you Jackie!”

Jackie is an incredibly humble person who shies from the spotlight. Everyone who knows her though, is aware of her bright, friendly personality that has become synonymous with the face of California Exotic Novelties.

As the leader of the most prolific sales team in the industry, Jackie’s endless energy, passion, dedication and creativity permeate into every aspect of the company. The next time you see Jackie at a show, or see her smiling face on Facebook, don’t forget to thank her for everything she’s done for an industry that we’re all a part of. It is because of people like her that the pleasure product market is what it is today.