Fire With Playing

TGP.com made some news recently for the beta launch of the site, where surfers (ie affiliates) can submit pics to the site for a link to the website where the content came from.

TGP's, free sites, etc have been around for a while, and most of which aren't 2257 compliant.

With all the work that some companies are doing to be 2257 compliant, it seems they just don't see the loophole that other webmasters seem to be seeing.

Many of these kinds of sites don't have an opening page to warn of adult content, labeling, not even a "click if over 18", or any 2257 mentionings. The sites that are being promoted usually have some of these in place

There are plenty of other examples of non-2257 compliance besides TGP.com out there, and it really is amazing that with all the focus on 2257, that websites are running face to the wind against conventional understanding of 2257.

Even with a more democratic balance of power, the laws are still on the books and law enforcement still has to do their job.

For those that think they have the loopholes to the law, please evaluate what the law says and your requirements to satisfying the law.

Going to jail for 5 years for showing naked pictures is a terrible risk for making a few bucks.