Why Sex Sells

Marc Jarrett
Restaurants will never go out of business. Sure, some places have way too many and individual ones might suffer from stiff local competition as a result, but the business of satiating this basic human need to eat ensures that they will always be around to meet it.

Some women would argue, probably quite rightly, that men are driven by two basic emotions – hunger and sex. Having briefly covered the former, let us examine the latter in more detail.

Forget cocaine, nicotine and caffeine – testosterone is the drug to which most men are addicted. And unlike other drugs, we have a constantly renewing supply of this potent stimulant with us at all times.

When God (of your own understanding) created us, our primitive brains were hardwired to go forth and multiply. Monogamy is not in our nature. Simply put, we have been pre-programmed to fuck as many women as possible.

However, in the real world, despite our deep-rooted desire to do so, this is not always possible – particularly for those of us that have elected for the road of being in a committed monogamous relationship, which is why porn is such a powerful stimulant and fills the void left by not being able to realize these carnal desires. It might not be as good as the real thing, but the theatre and illusion that is porn goes a long way to help meeting that enormous global demand fueled by the pent-up frustration of not able to do what comes naturally when we want, and with whom we want.

CNN might claim that America is addicted to porn, but it misses the point; The U.S., and indeed the world, is addicted to doing what we were created to do: the desire to procreate is firmly embedded on our hard drives, with no delete option available.

Were porn to be outlawed outright, you can be rest assured that these powerful instincts would manifest themselves in ways that would be far more harmful to the society that it is allegedly corrupting.

Governments may try, but the underlying global architecture of the Internet makes it very difficult to censor in its entirety. You all have access to a global audience, and given that non-English language hosts now out-number English ones, steadfastly sticking to English during the sales-pitch is robbing you of potential income.

But given the sheer choice of adult material out there on the web, surfers are often reluctant to "commit" to a contractual relationship. After all, if he pays for sex in the real world, he is not obliged to visit the same prostitute the next time he feels these urges, so why should he in the virtual one?

This is part of the reason our phone billing is proving to be so popular with surfers. A simple phone call is all it takes to get "satisfaction." No awkward forms, no digital trial, just quick, convenient and anonymous instant gratification for the surfer, with no commitments. Combine this with a call-to-action in the surfer's native language, and you have a global website and instant new revenue steam thanks to a payment device that the entire world has – a phone.

Since the yield-per-password sold is less than that of a monthly subscription, you simply give them less time. If you have compelling content, there is a good chance that the surfer will come back and pay you again this way the next time he needs his fix – probably since you gave him the option not to commit in the first place.

Pitching a $29.90 monthly credit card subscription to the majority of the world who do not have one is an exercise in futility – which is why you can now direct traffic from countries such as Brazil, Russia, India and China to a geo-IP version of your site for you and your affiliates to promote separately to help meet that constant global demand.

Going global will ensure that you have the edge in an increasingly competitive market. The need for sex, be it for real or virtual, remains a basic human instinct which transcends all races and religions and, like hunger, is truly universal.