Beamonstar Products Bringing Booming E-Cig Biz to Adult

Alex Parker

Award-winning Beamonstar Products is known industry-wide as the first to bring the booming male sexual enhancement market to adult retailers. Now, Beamonstar is at it again with its recent foray into the e-cig business.

Since 2006, Beamonstar Products has supplied some of the most successful male enhancement brands on the market, beginning with the manufacturing and distributing ExtenZe. The company took a hiatus from marketing ExtenZe, however recently announced the re-introduction of the brand.

We have had a number of retailers pick up our introductory packages for our Naked Vapor and Supreme Vapor lines and they have seen instant results. -Clint Strunk, Beamonstar.

Beamonstar reports that it is seeing strong and increased sales since the announcement that they would once again be the exclusive distributor for the ExtenZe brand to the adult marketplace.

“We have seen a huge influx of sales and new customers since we brought back ExtenZe to the Beamonstar family,” said Jeff Bolanos, Beamonstar CEO. “Our company is primarily known for our award winning supplements so to be able to exclusively distribute one of the most successful brands out there is really an honor for us.”

ExtenZe is now distributed through Eldorado, Nalpac, and Superior Products, and is available nationwide throughout retail including all Adam & Eve and Romantix Stores.

“Carrying ExtenZe is a no-brainer for any adult store,” said Beamonstar Sales Manager Clint Strunk. “It is easily one of the most well branded, well marketed supplements in history and it pretty much will sell itself in any store.”

Through the years, Beamonstar has expanded and diversified its brand many times. In addition to ExtenZe, Beamonstar’s SexVoltz male enhancement supplement has left its mark on the industry, picking up several awards and nominations from a number of different award shows in the past.

“SexVoltz has definitely been the backbone of the Beamonstar Products family. We have launched other very successful products like XploZion, Velextra, and Sweeten69, but their success has been spawned by the incredible job SexVoltz has done in the marketplace,” said Beamonstar CEO Jeff Bolanos. “We have worked tirelessly to get the product into the doors of retailers and into the hands of the consumers and the response has always been amazing” he added.

SexVoltz’s success has been unparalleled and the 1 SKU product line has expanded over the past year to include different bottle amounts, vibrating pleasure rings, bullet vibes, lubricants, and a delay spray.

With the over-saturation of the male sexual enhancement market, Beamonstar has expanded into female sexual enhancement with the recent addition of NYAGRA.

“In this market when it comes to male enhancement supplements the market is very saturated and there are a lot of different options and brands; however, a quality female supplement is very difficult to find.”

Based on Beamonstar’s ground-breaking XploZion pill formula, which offers bigger and more powerful ejaculations for men, NYAGRA promises similar results for women. The active ingredients in XploZion are known to boost the body systems that contribute to male orgasms. Similarly, NYAGRA will heighten a woman’s sexual experience to the point of explosion.

The supplement also assists in making it easier for the average woman to experience the elusive female ejaculation. NYAGRA improves blood flow to the clitoris and G-Spot to increase sensitivity and arouse more powerful orgasms. It acts as an all-natural libido-boosting enhancer made for women. A single pill taken 45 minutes to one hour before sexual activity gives women enhanced desire, energy and pleasure that will continue for several hours. The pills are gentle on the stomach and are extremely easy to swallow. Benefits can start up to one hour before sexual activity however consistent daily use is important for long-term sexual enhancement benefits. NYAGRA is the ultimate solution for women who want to reignite their love life with a powerful, all natural aphrodisiac.

According to Bolanos, the company already is seeing the great demand for female sexual enhancements. “We are confident that NYAGRA will become the gold standard when it comes to female sexual supplements,” he said.

Currently Beamonstar is offering NYAGRA in a 20 Capsule Bottle. The company is due to release a 6-Count and 60-Count bottle in early September. Like all Beamonstar products, NYAGRA comes with retail displays, shelf talkers, and product education tools to make it an easy sell for any distributor or store.

Although primarily known for their supplement lines, Beamonstar Products is more focused than ever on their new crown jewel product line. The company recently entered an entirely new market with the introduction of a full-range of Naked Vapor and Supreme Vapor E-Cigs.

“We have always been known for selling adult supplements,” said Beamonstar owner Jeff Bolanos. “Over the years we have seen more and more crossover in products between smoke shops and adult novelty stores. The smoke shops have started carrying pills and toys and the adult novelty shops have moved into carrying more smoking accessories. With the E-Cigarette market now generating over a billion dollars in annual revenue, we wanted to create a quality product that adult stores could bring in from a vendor that they have grown to know and trust.”

Naked Vapor and Supreme Vapor are the perfect addition to any store looking to carry an E-Vape line. The expansive brand offers over 25 different flavor E-Juices and also offers easy to use starter Vapes, Hookahs, as well as 3 in 1 kits.

“We have had a number of retailers pick up our introductory packages for our Naked Vapor and Supreme Vapor lines and they have seen instant results,” says Clint Strunk, Sales Manager for Beamonstar. “Vaping has become so big and it is done by people of all ages. It is a great way to bring new customers through the door and the margins are there to sell everything quick.”

The booming E-Cig market has proven to be a hot seller in any retail setting. According to Forbes, E-Cig companies have seen their sales double year after year with projected sales of 1.7 billion for 2014. Bloomberg Industries predicts that E-Cigarette sales are projected to pass traditional cigarette sales by 2047.

Like all Beamonstar Products, Naked Vapor and Supreme Vapor are merchandised attractively and perfectly, enabling retailers to maximize their sales and easily handle their inventory. With the introductory kit, a customer receives an already assembled pop up display holding up all the necessary vaping accessories.

“Our Vapor lines are of the highest quality,” added Clint Strunk. “We have seen a few different Vapor products be introduced into the marketplace and while they look similar on the outside, the mechanics on the inside aren’t up to par with the quality

“2014 is going to be a very good year for Beamonstar,” added Bolanos. “We are upping our game and bringing one billion dollar industry into another. New product lines with the quality Beamonstar customers are accustomed to, but most importantly, every piece of merchandise that leaves the Beamonstar warehouse is still and always will be backed by our money back guarantee.”

Alex Parker is an adult product consultant, journalist and erotic author. Since 2005 he has worked within the adult novelty and adult movie industry as reviewer, correspondent and advisor to some of Europe’s largest manufacturers and distributors.