The couches of Orange County

Gram Ponante
Many people pierce the Orange Curtain only with trepidation, but that is where some of our nation's finest reality pornography is being shot, specifically on Billy Glide's couch.

People come up to me every day and ask, "Grams, what is reality?" and I can only quote from Charlene's song "I've Never Been to Me":

Hey, you know what paradise is? It's a lie, a fantasy we create about people and places as we'd like them to be But you know what truth is? It's that little baby you're holding, it's that man you fought with this morning The same one you're going to make love with tonight That's truth, that's love......

Boy are they sorry they asked! Suckers. Next time remind me to squeeze a tube of Slap A Fool.

So maybe it's not actually reality. Maybe the people involved are all bona fide porn personalities, like Sarah Sunn and Naomi here. But isn't it enough that they appear like they'd do anything just to go on a vacation where they'll be treated like chew toys all weekend?

The interesting thing about this series of low-budget scenelets is that the viewer gets the impression the neighbors are about to start banging on the wall in a minute, especially with the Urban Legends section of the website.

(By contrast, for Island Fever 4, I understand that Digital Playground airlifted all the island residents to Van Nuys for the duration of the shooting.)

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