Who Pays for Escorts?

Dave Myers
I have spoken to thousands of escorts and exotic dancers (some exotic dancers also work covertly as escorts) and have gathered an abundance of information about the various types of men that request their time and services. I’ve categorized a great deal of information about these men into several so-called ‘types’ – so if you’ve ever wondered who calls escorts; these guys do:

Bona, a very sexy and attractive escort I have known for several years, says the most common guys she dates are professional types. She has dated a wide array of highly successful and extremely wealthy businessmen, doctors, dentists, chiropractors, lawyers, and even a neurologist. Interestingly enough, some of her clients even admit to being married, while others are not. The majority said they call escorts because they do not want to waste their valuable time, while most simply just don’t have the time to play the mind-numbing dating game. Time is money to them and they would rather make a quick telephone call, arrange a date with an attractive lady and just get things over with quickly. Professional types focus more on efficiency than the chase.

Divorced and separated men also commonly make the same telephone call. All too many of these men have been wrecked financially and emotionally and their trust levels are low. This is why they prefer to call an independent escort to fulfill their personal needs. The probability that an escort will divorce you or trash your emotions is small, relatively speaking. These men focus on the emotional / financial link, because it is petty when compared directly to what a lengthy divorce will cost the average man.

Daria, another independent escort I have interviewed, says she is regularly contacted by extremely good-looking, well-dressed, model-type men that find her personal profile online. These men usually have plenty of disposable income and look great; however, they are as Daria describes, “not the brightest.” Many simply don’t know how to speak to women or are too intimidated to try. This type of man will make every attempt to avoid rejection; he doesn’t want to talk about world politics, he just wants to have a good time. Daria is equally approached by men that are hygienically cursed, look like they have not showered nor shaven in weeks, are overweight and sloppy, but can have the best conversations, and they even have money. These men don’t have an outer shell that can impress, but can whip up a storm of a conversation and have money too.

Which man doesn’t like being around a beautiful woman? I know I definitely do. Many escorts say that they have regular clients that do not even mention sex, nor request the slightest physical contact. For them, holding hands or maybe a hug at the end of the evening after a two-hour dinner or theatre date is more than satisfying. This type of person claims to feel precious and uplifted by having a good-looking woman that will listen to him and act as if she is enjoying his company.

Several other independent escorts I interviewed said that certain men, from all walks of life, just want to talk and go for a long stroll on the beach, have a nice dinner and kiss you goodnight. Eva has several clients that call her at least once per month and the routine is always the same; the night starts out with dinner, followed by some light shopping and concludes with some cuddling (and even more rarely, a massage) at a hotel room and that’s it. No “happy ending” as men would say.

So what have we learnt from all of these first hand accounts? That your next door neighbor is probably browsing the local online escort listings right now!

Dave Myers, part owner of www.2HotnSexy.com, has interviewed 1000’s of independent escorts and countless owners of escort agencies and related adult entertainment providers over the past 25 years. Email Dave at HotnSexyE@mail2webmaster.com.