Helping Newbies to Succeed


The porn industry is worth a lot of money, so it stands to reason that every guy and girl out there that has a computer is trying to figure out how to get a piece of the pie. This brings out all the scam artists trying to rip them off with promises of wealth and riches.

They’re aiming these ads at the newbies, whether it be by an ad on ebay or a bulk e-mail they got because they gave out their e-mail address when they were looking for free porn. Yes the uninformed newbie that will spend some (or a lot of) money to get to those riches that have been promised to them, and backed up by the media telling them just how much is spent on online porn every year.

They get ripped off and quit – and that’s the last that you’ll hear of them. But some hang on and do the research and check out how the other sites look and find the legitimate avenues of income and look to the adult webmaster boards to find out that it takes time, patience, money, and a little luck to be able to be called successful!

They go to night school and learn computer basics, then some programming in HTML, Java, JavaScript, and Photoshop. They get more powerful computers, broadband access, and set up separate e-mail accounts. These are the tough ones – those that come up with a strategy as to how they are going to make it; some aim high and some low, but you’ll hear from them as they go through all the things that all adult webmasters go through.

They spend time on the boards listening to the pros arguing about sponsors, submissions, ratios, payouts, content, scripts and other things that webmasters argue about, and gain knowledge both bad and good – depending on who they are listening to – about the biz.

I saw a post lately about some webmaster asking the question “Why should I help them?” This brings up a good question; because if these determined adult webmasters are not given the help they need, they will try to get it anyway that they can to succeed, and this could mean trouble for those that have been around for awhile and have seen all that works, and especially that which does not.

These newbies will bring back some things that don’t work, and piss off surfers that search the web looking for porn – and do we really need that? For example, many of us know that pop-ups piss off surfers, but if you don’t tell the new guy that and he sees this as a way to push sales of something that you are trying to sell, well then when a surfer sees an aggressive pop-up campaign off that newbies site, he’ll remember how pissed off he was when he sees the same ad on your site – because that newbies using the same banner ads that you use. Then you’ll not get the sale that the surfer got pissed about when he’s at your site!

This could bring long term problems to this business if this newbie continues the practices that the experienced adult webmaster knows piss off surfers. Like it or not, the adult website business is a community, and everything that the people in this community do reflects on all of us. If someone is getting sued for copyright of a method of streaming video or some watchdog group is using a program to overload a site’s bandwidth to shut it down, then you, as an adult webmaster, have a duty as a part of this community to make sure that everyone, including the newbies, are made aware of this so that we can all stand together as a community, and keep porn alive and well on the Internet.

Some us are just starting out and others are making a good to great living while others still just do it for fun and to say that they are an adult webmaster. I for one want to make it big in this business, and do enjoy the title of adult webmaster. Everyone wants to know if I can get a porn star for their next party!

So what I’ve been trying to say is that when you are on the boards and you see a post of interest to newbies and what they are concluding on a topic that you as an experienced adult webmaster know is wrong, take the time to share as least some of your insight on how to accomplish their goal. In doing so, they hopefully will remember this in the future, and put a link on their site for you and share the fruits of the seeds that you planted in helping them.