A Paradigm Shift in Gallery Building?

John Blevins

If anything, making galleries more appealing to the user today is getting harder and harder, which means that designers and webmasters alike are trying to find the best designs to reel them in. So wouldn’t it make the most sense, maybe, to use the web’s leading technology?

What if we could build full-fledged Flash galleries? Starting with a template page and then using it until you’ve burnt that first template out, and then build a new one. You could even add provocative music with sleek and sexy designs. I think that for many of the Internet inclined (meaning people with fast computers and broadband), this would entice them more towards joining a site – although it doesn’t end at just the gallery. Now we need to look into full Flash pay sites!

Building these robust sites would definitely attract a new crowd of end users. Maybe, since selling porn is getting more difficult today, and the use of broadband around the world is increasing greatly, we all need to toss away the paradigm of building flat galleries with no eye candy for the user. Sure, animated banners can attract attention, but nowadays you almost need a baseball bat to get a user to join a site.

Obviously not all users will like these sites, but with any newcomer it will be a slow building process. I’ve been working on a prototype for this very thing, and I don’t mind tipping other webmasters off to the idea because it will take a lot of critique and questions to find out how, exactly, this will play out. I’m sure many of you have thought of the same thing. Well now is the time to act upon it. Let’s get it rolling! Eventually, a whole new world of gallery traffic will roll in. New people willing to open their wallets to a brand new product, or so it would seem.

I encourage all of you excellent Flash designers to come up with a prototype of your own: I would love to see this develop into a new-age way of designing and getting new traffic. Again, it will take some time, but I am convinced that surfers are truly ready for a change, as some of you webmasters are as well. It’s hard to imagine what new opportunities could come of this, so we will have to wait and see.

Now, most of you are thinking, “what about adding and removing content?” There is an answer to this: With today’s tools and technology from Macromedia, building fully fledged Flash pay sites is just about finding the right people to get these somewhat complex tools to work together. It is already 100% possible, but finding the right experts may take more effort – but the payouts would be unlimited. Find help, learn it yourself, or do what you can to get what you need. It’s just a matter of searching for it; just as it was back when the job was so much easier. I may not be a veteran Webmaster, but I think that this change would be of great interest to our peers and prospects.

Just imagine having 1000 content sets and being able to load them all into and out of a one page interface at the click of a button. To be able to switch sets with the visual effects possible in Flash with seductive music in the background. There are so many things possible for you to do with these new programs that everyone can have there own uniqueness. No more letting TGP owners have 1 simple set of guidelines: i.e. 20 images no larger than 30k and all that jazz. Now you get to build galleries and pay sites as robust as current technology can allow.

It’s time for this change, money is here for the taking. It IS the proverbial untapped goldmine awaiting your chisel. Don’t be the last one to learn that galleries can make you money, or the one that has just figured out how to make an AVS. Get into this and dig out what you can before it’s also a depleted resource, because more and more changes will come in the near future, and more goldmines will be found. This is yours, and those that you are willing to share with!

I hope that this reaches a lot of people and you start your own projects. Us “XBizers” are lucky to have this community to help and share, so don’t let this major resource go to waste. I hope to see some posts about this soon ~ John