Marketing is Still a Must

Jake Ludens and Lee Windsor

Since starting in the adult industry we have found that there are many things from a marketing point of view that, although they work in mainstream do not necessarily work in adult. For example, we all know how easy it is to buy a domain name, get some content, and put our first site up on a free host – however, now we have the site online and we’re lacking the fundamentals – whether that be traffic or that certain style of marketing that only works in adult.

Just because we work all day on 'porn,' the old adage that 'sex sells' isn’t really true – sex does sell some of the time, for instance when the surfer is already horny and knows what they are looking for but, but for the most part sex doesn’t sell, our marketing technique does.

This is where research and co-ordination come into effect. Take a look at the sites that are already out there on the Web; see what they are doing wrong, and right, and then improve upon those points whilst ensuring that you keep the basics of the particular niche you are working on intact.

Of course there is more to becoming an adult Webmaster than getting your site marketing figured out: You also need to know how the machinations of the adult industry as a whole work – this includes the other Webmasters, sponsor programs, and much more importantly, YOUR surfer. Of course you are not going to know everything about the surfer or Webmaster – after all you will only find out as much 'real' information as they will give you – but every little bit that you can learn helps out, as they say.

The one major factor that every Webmaster (regardless of how long they have been in the industry) needs to take into consideration is that doing this as a 'hobby' will certainly get you some pocket change – but that’s all it will be. Think of your online ventures as a real business, and you will inevitably have a long-term, high-profit operation which will not only make your bank manager smile, but your wallet too!

The adult industry requires a learning curve of longevity; from choosing the right host, the right content providers, sponsors and so on, and so forth – but with every other adult Webmaster all working towards the same goal as you, how do you get this right?

It’s quite simple really: you need to ask for help! Like it or not, if you don’t help yourself, you won’t get anywhere. Use the resources that your sponsor makes available to you, forge new friendships, forge new business alliances, but most of all, realize that just because someone is making $10k a year while you are only making $5, this doesn’t mean they will push you to the side, and not provide you with the help that you need.