Laws Gone Wild!

Joe Francis, owner of Girls Gone Wild franchise, made news back in September of entering into a settlement with DOJ for violating 2257 with underage models. The settlement included paying a fine of $1.6M.

In recent news, Francis and his attorney had to do community time in addition to paying the fine as reported in this xbiz article.

The closing paragraph of the xbiz article:

When Francis entered his plea in front of Morrow in September, the judge explained to him that he could have received up to 10 years in prison. Francis told the court at the time that no minors would ever appear in a Mantra film again.

So with all the hoopla and chatter from DOJ about 2257, they allow for a settlement, rather than a solid conviction over 2257?

Could it be that maybe the 2257 case wouldn't be strong enough to get a conviction?

It would seem the push for a conviction that carried 5 years in jail and a chilling message to all pornographers about having 2257 records in order would have been the stronger message.

I am sure there are more details to the story, but oh look.. boobies.....

It would appear that paying some money and sweeping up dirt from public streets is good enough to keep kids from being used in video (the next time it happens).

Too bad for pedophiles that they don't have alot of money to be offered a similar deal.

Crime doesn't pay, but porn does.