Devon can't take a bad picture

Gram Ponante
"You had a coke habit?" I asked Devon, incredulous. "No way."

"I think everybody in the business knew it," she said.

"People don't tell me Jack Shit," I said. "And Jack left (but not to Jack's Playground)."

"Anyway, I've been clean and sober for a long time."

"Do you want a beer?" I asked.


"I don't like beer either."

Devon and I became instant friends.

The former Vivid, Jill Kelly, and Digital Playground contract performer has just signed a limited exclusive contract with Shane's World, in which she will be directing for that company as well as appearing in Boy/Girl scenes. Everything else (solo, Girl/Girl, extraterrestrials) is free agency as long as she clears it with Shane's World first.

I asked her if in her seven years as a porn performer she had also become a porn consumer. If so, I asked what she liked to see.

"I like to see girls having a good time while they're being fucked," she said. "Not looking all serious."

I feel the same about Jehovah's Witnesses.

Devon grew up in Pennsylvania and entered her contract with Digital Playground as Devon. She recently regained her right to use her name and domain from Digital Playground.

"They owned me," she said. "But they finally took my site down (from their servers). I've been waiting two weeks to get my domain signed back to me."

"Let's not talk about Digital Playground, baby," I did not say.

Devon's deal with Shane's World will include the development of a porn series that will be to sports what Penny Flame's series for SW, Blazed and Confused, will be to pot smoking.

"Do you think there might be some overlap in - " I was about to mention how Casey Parker is all sporty-like.

" - I smoke pot every day," Devon said. "It keeps me sane."

Devon was gone from the porn industry for about a year.

"It allowed me to look at the business from a different perspective," she said. She lives far north of Magic Mountain in the flame absorbent community of Castaic.

"What made you want to come back?" I asked.

"I'd forgotten that porn could be fun," she said. "Most of what I'd shot for other companies wasn't my personality. I was playing these characters, like lonely housewives waiting for the pool guy to show up." I often feel like the pool man, but for the YMCA in a really low income neighborhood, I thought.

I took several pictures, expecting to need to delete one or two. Devon deftly manipulated rays of light, traveling at approximately 186,000 miles per second, to take a perfect picture, every time. We would be outside playing in mud but when I got the pictures back she was posing on a divan. She would be covered with burns over 90 percent of her body but the pictures revealed her unblemished and at ease, smiling sweetly.

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