An Adult Gaming Model

Kevin Lyons
Editor's note: I had a chance to demo GOMA Systems' game and interface technology at the recent Mobile Adult Content Conference (MACC) in Reno and believe that forward-looking adult operators will find it well worth investigating. Here's a closer look:

GOMA Systems Corporation has followed the release of its breakthrough sex simulators for the mobile phone platform with both PC and Blackberry versions of its games. In both the heterosexual (GOMA Sex) and homosexual (Rainbeau Café) versions, the object is to get your characters into as many sexual positions as possible in five minutes. Players are rated on their performance as they strive for perfection to attain "Master" status; and while there's no fondling in the inaugural version of the games, the company plans to upgrade its titles with additional sex acts and characters.

The PC versions of the games have camera angles and action shots that mirror those of adult films. Is this a foreshadowing of the use of the input technology for creating truly interactive adult film? Just as gamers enjoy control over animations, consumers would love to have seamless, real-time control of filmed adult content; and that's what this new technology enables them to do.

The sex simulator games can be downloaded at In addition to low price points, the games offer three unique selling points: great graphics; 17 different sex acts; and a breakthrough interface device technology that allows users to intuitively exercise direct, real-time control over both virtual characters.

Because the mobile phone, PC keyboard and TV remote control all share nearly identical number pads as inputs, the inaugural adults-only interactive entertainment titles demonstrate how this technology can be leveraged to gain traction in three emerging growth markets: online PC gaming; mobile gaming; and i-TV gaming. Besides entering the mobile and PC markets, the company is banking on interactive adult entertainment and its interface technology playing a role in the shaping of the nascent interactive television market.

Interactive television by definition will have interactive entertainment. If pausing films and shows, text voting for a favorite Idol, or playing a quiz game on your TV is considered interactive entertainment, then i-TV already has reached an unfortunate pinnacle. While video games currently are the highest form of interactive entertainment, adult entertainment historically has driven the adoption of technological advances such as the VCR and Internet, so it's safe to say that whatever form the i-TV takes, it will have interactive adult content.

Our interface technology combines the real-time interactivity of games with adult content in a way that caters to gamers' desires for lots of abilities, control and functions and non-gamers' needs for ease-of-use to actually enjoy the content. These are killer applications that can help interactive adult entertainment gain traction with early adopters and key demographics.

So, what does this mean to a cottage industry like the adult market? First, Indies have a great opportunity here. They can create truly interactive adult entertainment for platforms that have large and diverse install bases. In this regard, the company is looking to form relationships with other content providers, publishers, and distributors for PC and mobile platforms.

Second, this technology can lead to the next boom phase in the industry's audience base. The average age of today's gamer is 29, with over 100 million video game consumers in the U.S. There are another 100 million consumers who want to play today's video games but are relegated to casual games without a steep learning curve. This is where our input technologies enter the scene. With this technology, users now command direct and real-time control over the movements of both characters intuitively and easily. Just like video game graphics made a tremendous leap by going from 2D to 3D, our input technologies make the interface device transparent. We can do that with any device and in any genre. This transparency is important to interactive adult entertainment, because we don't want the input device interfering with the user's immersion in the content.

What's next besides upgrading its current offering of adult games and perhaps launching a new interactive era for adult film? Our ground-breaking sex simulators demonstrate just one aspect of our patent pending Universal Control Mapping operating system. Our upcoming Martial Art Simulator titles will demonstrate the flexibility, scalability and universality of our technologies for launching other human movement-intensive genres and the applicability of our Universal Control Mapping to all markets, including game consoles and other handheld devices.