Shay J. Re-commissioned

Gram Ponante
Freshly-hatched Digital Playground contract girl Shay Jordan has renamed herself Shay J.

"I think it sounds better, don't you?" she asked this probing journalist.

"I'm only watching the game; controlling it," I said. "The Prime Directive bids me not interfere. What would the industry become if I stretched out my hand and took this power? Nay, if I were to start influencing events there's no telling where it might stop, including my moving the adult business to Glendale where there's this great German bar I know."

I didn't actually say any of the above. What I said instead was:


Bataan's own Shay J then told me how to cook menudo and explained briefly how Ed Powers convinced she and her girlfriend to have sex with him for a Dirty Debutantes movie for $1500.

Friends at a few online DVD retailers say that their stock of Ed Powers DVDs is spotty because often Powers fails to fulfill orders. But I was able to find one of the two Dirty Debutantes Shay J (formerly - get ready for it - Hunni B'laze) appeared in here.

"Ed put me off men," she said, and sent her spiraling down a five-month whirlwind of solo and G/G fare, until she worked with Scott Nails in Teagan: Sexual Freak 2.

As Shay J will be the next to release a Sexual Freak (number 3), it struck me that neither Sophia Santi nor Jana Cova have Sexual Freak movies scheduled.

What is Digital Playground saying about wholesome heterosexual couplings that it calls the contract girls who partake in them Freaks?

I asked Shay J what her favorite movies were (other than Pirates and Island Fever 4).

"I like Angelina Jolie a lot," she said. "I want to star in a porn version of Tomb Raider and call it Womb Raider," she said.

"Sorry, it's been done," said Gamelink's pweasels.

"As has Poon Raider," I noted.

What has not been done is Coitus, Interrupted.

Shay J is smart and funny and very friendly, though she is not a dominatrix.

"I just want to work very hard and not tell anyone no," she said. "I thought about the contract before I signed it, and I think it would be unprofessional to not give everything 100 percent."

"Dude, you already got the job."

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