Optimizing for Inktomi


Promoting your sites in the engines doesn't have to require refinancing your home. Your first targeted engine should be the free SERP's of Google. Followed by the huge traffic machine INKTOMI at This engine is not the money burning Pay Per Click variety, it is in fact Pay Per Inclusion; and with a little practice, it is fairly easy to manipulate your site to the top of the listings!

First you need a website, $39.00, and then submit to PositonTech, which delivers the best customer service along with great "stat's" reports to you, the customer. And even though you may pay to submit a single page, INKTOMI will eventually index your entire site. This eventuality could take many months and even a year, so don't hold your breath.

It is recommended that you submit at least five pages. Your site should be linked to other quality sites (this establishes your own sites importance), always try to use "keyword" text links (anchor tags), inbound and outbound: To climb high in INKTOMI, optimize your site inside and out.

To begin with, Inktomi likes high quality links such as DMOZ and Yahoo! (used as an example). Do not run out and list with Yahoo! They charge $599.00 for adult sites, with no guarantee your site will be listed. Hit number one in Google for free, and you'll be very close to number one in Yahoo! for ZERO dollars. I have sites that are listed at number one in both Google and Yahoo! for ZERO dollars! Keep in mind that Yahoo! recently purchased INKTOMI and the world is waiting to see how this union of two of the Internet's powerhouses, turn up the heat in the search industry.

Tune Up Your Website
Your title should be an accurate 9-10 words or less, with your keyword phrase at the beginning of the title. Use your keyword meta tags, and keep your tags relevant to the content on the page, also do not overstuff with keywords, as that will dilute the relevance of your keywords tag. The alt tag is also of value to INKTOMI so place keywords within them as well. The meta description of your site needs to be correct, full of keywords, and must read well for human understanding.

You also need to place keywords in your H1 and H2 tags as well as in the first sentence of the first paragraph of the text on your site. As each page represents a doorway into your site, each page must have different keywords. Again the text links need to contain page relevant keywords.

From your HOME page, you should use a "keyword" text link to each page of your site, instead of the way some sites rely upon, a button that simply says Free Tour. That Free Tour button is a wasted opportunity for you to increase the relevancy of your site.

Next, The Visible Pages
On an adult site, pictures are important only to the eyes of the surfer. Search engines, especially Inktomi love text. Try to incorporate keyword rich text throughout the pages of your site – sexual for the surfers, and plentiful for the engines. The text should contain keywords, and some 3-4 word key phrases, made up of keywords. You should try for a keyword density of 10% or more.

For "cheap" search engine traffic, you should put the above tasks on your list of things "to do". And on the dark side, this is what NOT TO DO: Cloaking, page redirects instead of page replaces that do not permit browser back-buttons to function properly, duplicate pages – the usual spam site violations, hidden text, repetitious keywords, and doorways. A word of warning, when Inktomi bans a site, there is NO return.

In conclusion, PositionTech guarantees a spidering every 48 hours; This doesn't mean Inktomi updates their index every 48 hours – it appears that Inktomi refreshes their index somewhere between 2-4 weeks, leaving plenty of opportunity to improve your site over and over again. Once you get the hang of this, INKTOMI will produce quality search engine traffic for you, 2nd only to the great Google. Good Luck!

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