Changing Hair Color


Today we have a new Photoshop tutorial from the talented Scotty, who will reveal a simple, fast, and effective way to change hair color while still holding a realistic look! Instant Red Heads are a few simple steps away, so follow along!

In The Beginning
Step 1: Create A New Layer - First thing's first; lets start out by opening our image. In my example I've used this hottie chick, that you can get by clicking here. Either click File from the menu, then Open; Or use the shortcut CTRL+O.

Then we're going to add a new layer by pressing the 'Add New Layer' button.

Step 2: Change Layer Bleeding - Next select 'Color' from the 'Layer Bleeding' drop-down box on the layer tablet.

Follow along with the examples below:

Tools & Techniques
Step 3: Tool Setup - Now we're going to setup our tools to color her hair. First select the 'Brush' tool from the toolbar. Then right click on your image and select a small-medium sized blurred brush, in our case we've selected a 21 pixel Blur Brush. Next select your color, choose a lower mid-level color, we've used #D37863.

Step 4: Change that Hair! - Now that we've got the image all setup, it's time for the fun part. On our new layer that we've set to 'Color' bleeding, use your 21 pixel blurred brush and paint away over top of her hair with the color you selected!

Using this simple procedure, you can easily adjust your model's hair color to match your site's theme - an especially useful technique when developing splash page and advertising graphics with a custom touch. Enjoy!