Slippery Business: Lubes Continue to put Consumers in the Mood

Dan Cameron

Lube that helps people makes babies? Is it true?! Paradise Marketing CEO Dennis Paradise says it’s right around the corner with exciting new product Astroglide TTC.

“Though its FDA certification process is almost complete, it’s already sent the industry buzzing as it’s one of the only lubricants on the market made for couples trying to get pregnant. Its formula is pH balanced to facilitate sperm’s safe and smooth travel up the vaginal canal and give couples the best chance at fertilization. It’s a very exciting new development and will officially be available in the fall.”

We’re always striving to do more with less. We’ve simplified the ingredient list of our water-based formulas; they are much longer lasting, nonsticky, sugar free, stain free and easy to clean up. -Jennifer Martsolf Vice President Of Marketing, Trigg Laboratories

Who knew?! In other lube news, water is still king.

“From what we see in our own sales trends, as well as from our consumer community, water-based products remain No. 1,” says Michelle Marcus, VP sales & marketing for Sliquid. “Consumers seek body-safe intimate lubricants, and using a water base allows for the most natural formulations. Our original lubricant, Sliquid H2O, is still our best-seller because it best matches the female body’s own moisture and contains plant-based alternatives to traditional chemical and sugar derivatives found in most lubricants on the market today. Our consumers appreciate our natural approach.”

Marcus notes that plant-based extracts, especially seaweed extracts like carrageenan, are very popular among natural lubricants right now. They offer natural moisture and skin-soothing effects that men and women appreciate as part of their intimate lives.

“We pride ourselves on researching and developing natural preservatives, and natural alternatives to commonly used synthetic ingredients. This is one of many ways that Sliquid differentiates itself from other lubricant brands — we have a facility dedicated to discovering ways to recreate the slick and smooth sensation of sex without using any artificial or chemically derived ingredients.”

Passion Lubricants recently introduced new formulations featuring botanicals, vitamins and natural stimulants for an enhanced and infused experience. Hemp Boost natural lubricant features aloe vera extract, chamomile extract and cannabis sativa seed extract to provide skin soothing and moisturizing benefits. Power B12 Boost + Vitamins is infused with vitamins A, C and E to help promote healthy-looking skin in the most sensitive areas of the body. Caffeinated Energy Lubricant has 100 milligrams of caffeine in each “serving” to provide natural energy and boosted circulation, which can help some men last longer in the bedroom while enhancing sensitivity for both partners, according to Randy Alvstad.

“Our water-based formulas from Passion Lubricants — especially those in large-ounce sizes — have been selling incredibly well, as well as our desensitizing lubricants (which are popular among anal enthusiasts) and flavored throat numbing sprays to calm the gag reflex for more comfortable oral sex,” says the General Manager of XR Brands.

“With the FDA’s new involvement and certification in the manufacturing processes and ingredients in lubricants, the industry is focusing on improving all aspects of their products. The industry is paying even more careful attention to ingredients, thickening agents, preservatives and other elements of an effective lubricant, and the results have included more health-conscious, body-safe product lines.”

At Trigg Laboratories, latest release Wet Nuru Body-On-Body Massage Gel is moving well, says Jennifer Martsolf, vice president of marketing: “It gives couples an opportunity to discover each other in a whole new way.” The company created a Wet Nuru Massage Kit that includes an 8.8oz Wet Nuru Concentrate, a Wet Nuru Massage Sheet and an instructional DVD for setup and techniques.

“We’re always striving to do more with less. We’ve simplified the ingredient list of our water-based formulas; they are much longer lasting, non-sticky, sugar free, stain free and easy to clean up,” says Martsolf. “Parabens are definitely in the spotlight as the preservative not to use. All of our water-based lubricants, with the exception of Wet Light, are now paraben-free.”

Wholesaler Paradise Marketing recently released a brand new silicone gel from Astroglide called Diamond Gel Formula, which features a unique, thick consistency. “It happens to be the best formula for self-stimulation and is popular among men as a masturbatory tool, as well as among men and women who enjoy anal play,” says Paradise.

He adds that organic ingredients are on trend, as they’ve seen with the Blossom Organics line. “This collection responded to consumer demand for more natural options in the sexual enhancement, lubrication and pleasure categories, and it’s been performing wonderfully since its debut last year,” he says. There’s more focus on organic and natural ingredients, and FDA compliance has become a bigger factor in the formulation process. We also see more companies getting creative and innovative with their lubricants to provide results that go beyond physical pleasure.”

At pjur Group USA, CEO Richie Harris notes that items like pjur Woman Nude — a neutral, water-based option free of additives (it contains no glycerine, parabens or preservatives, and has no odor or taste) — and pjur Med Natural Glide (with nature-based ingredients and preservatives) are popular, along with its Back Door line of anal offerings. “We have the best silicone formulation and best raw materials to formulate in the world,” he says. “We are the leader in quality and the feeling is amazing compared to any other silicone product.”


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