Teagan distances herself from La Sad Eyes, aligns with Carlito

Gram Ponante
One of my favorite porn movies is Digital Playground's Contract Star. It's about two cholo-talking white guys, played by Evan Stone and Eric Masterson, who long to break out of their adult company warehouse jobs by finding a "contract star".

I spoke with Digital Playground contractor Teagan Presley the other day and asked her about her role as "La Sad Eyes" in that movie.

"It wasn't my best work," she said.

"Oh, Teagan," I said. "You're always shooting from the hip. What a joy you must be to your handlers!"

She said that one of her favorite movies was Island Fever 4, noting that both she and Jesse Jane have five scenes in it. She also said that she and Jesse enjoyed snorkeling in the rain during off-days while the movie was filming.

Aren't the DP girls briefed to sell the back catalog?

I was sad that she didn't enjoy being La Sad Eyes, though. When I lend out that movie, it is the one that is most often not returned.

In other Teagan news that will be especially infuriating to ladies, she says that she has maintained a weight of 102 lbs. for several years despite a near-constant diet of Carl's Jr.

"I have really good genes," she said.

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