From Christina 2 Vixen

Gram Ponante
"That's that Vixen Vogel from Minnesota!" I cried when I opened a small care package from Pink Visual containing Gang Bang Squad #8.

There is something about Pink Visual's M.O. of simulating the casual seduction of random women in parks, McDonalds, and coffee shops that seems just creepy enough to be real.

One imagines swingers, older, industrially-tanned strippers, and guys in goatees and boardshorts roaming all over Los Angeles and the Tucson area with mini-DV cameras, just making it happen.

So I saw Vixen on the cover and knew she was in for 1. the simulated pickup in a public area (turns out it was a park), 2. her removal to a place in which several guys would be hanging around, at least one wearing sunglasses indoors (check), and 3. the extraneous narration of the guy behind the camera ("Ryan DePalma").

Opening the DVD, I was surprised to see the redhead listed as "Christina", but then realized that these movies are usually DVD compilations from websites, so the "Vixen" transition had not yet happened. "Christina" had been in Los Angeles for three weeks at the time.

Gang Bang Squad 8 was a pretty rough movie ("They didn't have to pretend they were kicking her out, naked, into the street," I thought), but still much better than From Justin to Kelly.

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