InterNext: January 2003: Day 3

Stephen Yagielowicz

Well, it’s almost over, and what a show it was! The January, 2003 InterNext Expo at the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas has now drawn to a close, and for most, all that’s left is some ‘end of show’ partying and the trip back home.

Now that I’m back up in my suite at the Venetian, overlooking the world famous ‘strip,’ a few impressions are beginning to settle in; but as my tired body aches, and my mind is awhirl with myriad possibilities after the previous several day’s mayhem, all I can think about is a hot bath, and climbing into bed with my ever so patient, and beautiful wife.

Before I do, however, I’d like to share some more pics with you all, and tell you a bit about last night’s First Annual Xbiz Adult Web Awards, and the special folks who were chosen as this year’s winners…

After a lengthy, peer-reviewed nomination and judging process performed by a group of experienced industry insiders, the following Winners were announced during the Awards Show @ GIGAMIX:

Congratulations to all of the Winners, as well as to the finalists and nominees; and a special thanks to our Judges and the sponsors of the Xbiz Adult Web Awards! Now, on to the pics…

Click the pics for a closer look:

XBiz Matt Works GIGAMIX Waits Aly Kisses...
I Want Some, Too! Matrix Content Joan Schmoozes
Marsha and Me Get Your Passport Matrix Wins An Award
"I'll Take That..." Tev Announces Winners Respond
Again... and Again! Thanks to All!
Marsha and Jenna Rock All Night Long! Porn in 3D?
OOOmmp Pa Pa... AVN Expands... Holly and Tanja, Too!
ibill Helps You Sell Krissey Meets Jenna Ed and Bruno Have A Plan
Marsha and PM Games Platinum Dave Earns One CCBill Got Theirs Too...
Rand Is Innovating 'Tossing the Tits' GIGA Jen Wraps It Up

I've got to go now, and have some fun; so till next time… Enjoy! ~ Stephen

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