InterNext: January, 2003 Day 2

Stephen Yagielowicz

Day two of the January InterNext, and 'The Vegas Show' is in full swing! From the 'Xbiz Breakfast of Champions' this morning, clear through to GIGAMIX and the First Annual Adult Web Awards tonight, The Venetian was, and will be, rockin! Check out my latest pics…

Breakfast was a pleasant if early experience, with a couple of dozen 'Cosmic Villagers' on-hand for some pre-show networking and noshing - the perfect way to start a busy day. The show floor had a steady flow of foot traffic that was remarkably low-keyed for a January InterNext. And foot traffic was not all that I noticed, but a visible increase of attendees in wheelchairs, as well.

Despite the good-natured fun between Twinkley and I over which of us would win the Adult Chamber "Webmaster of the Year" award, it was Danny Collins from Webmaster Joint who won top honors - congrats, Danny on a job well done! And speaking of a job well done, thanks to Epoch for buying the drinks for that talented group of young ladies at the first "" get together - Dawn tells me it was a great success - and I'll have to take her word for it, because "boys weren't allowed!" Great job, Holly Moss for helping to empower the business women in our industry!

Click my latest pics for a closer look:

Profit Plantation Spy Cash Fightin' Mad
Running for President Running for Cyber Girl And Already There...
Top Bucks' Bartenders and E-commerce, Too... Keep On Truckin'
Junkiefred Had Fun! Thanks, NetVerifier! AVN Online's New Look!
KliXXX Rocks Large Cash Works V-Rod Vrooooooms!
Dawn Greets Fred PM Games Shoots Making Friends
Rocki and Matt I'm NOT Kidding! Yet Another Bar!

I've got to go down to GIGAMIX now and tend to the Web Awards; so until next time… Enjoy! ~ Stephen