Mobile Web Investment Accelerates Growth in Ad Market

Joey Gabra

For the last few years digital business owners have been hearing about the limitless potential of the mobile internet market on a global scale. One unintended effect of that much focus can be a false conclusion that the market is somehow becoming saturated or that the sweet spot in the time line to enter the sector has already passed.

In fact, we are still at the earliest stages of mobile expansion and the amount of investment being shifted toward mobile from other traditional tech assets continues to inspire innovation on a massive scale.

As the mobile market continues to mature, many features once dominant in traditional ad campaigns are also becoming more influential in mobile campaigns as well.

We have helped our partners profit from mobile for years and the data being widely reported by Gartner mirrors what we are seeing from adult entertainment companies as larger slices are carved out of a rapidly expanding pie chart, during 2014, the world's enterprises will spend more than 18 billion dollars marketing via mobile devices — and by 2017 the estimates skyrocket to $41.9 billion that will be spent on advertising campaigns which target smartphones, tablets and new wearable mobile devices. Growth that more than doubles the market in the next three years according to leading market analysts, and yet some adult companies are still hesitating to claim their mobile revenue streams before someone else does.

In the adult market more specifically, we see investment slowing slightly which may create even more opportunity for active companies that understand the way the market is moving overall. We anticipate growth to be amplified greatly among adult mobile customers toward the tail-end of 2014 and throughout 2015 as market conditions will be improved, suppliers consolidate and interest in ads through mobile devices continues to increase.

As the mobile market continues to mature, many features once dominant in traditional ad campaigns are also becoming more influential in mobile campaigns as well. Tablets, touch screen computers and cell phone processor power is ushering in the functionality of video ads in more intimate ways, custom-tailored to suit the interest of each customer they are displayed to with a much higher level of calibration possible due to the more reliable methods available for collecting information from mobile units and their users.

Unlike desktop digital ads that rely on guesswork about the purchasing patterns of your target audience, mobile enables apps that consumers voluntarily use to check in from various locations and mobile users have shown an understanding that sharing more information about themselves in exchange for better targeted ads is actually a benefit to consumers as well as publisher.

When we display an ad for a potential client, we aren't trying to annoy them with it, we are trying to predict exactly what they want to buy right now so that we can anticipate their desires and satisfy their needs completely. Many mobile users are very willing to help us achieve that result.

For mobile ad buyers it's as much about where and when they get their ad as it is about the product or service being pitched. That also includes deeper layers of localization going beyond simple country or region targets. We take the approach that increases the interest in mobile marketing channels among local ad buyers, and we provide creatives that are culturally in step with the expectations of each audience. That’s what allows us to go more locally into each market with our offers. Now, with our recent launch in Russia coinciding with the leading telecommunications operator in Russia launching LTE on a forth generation network, we have a clear path to provide quality high-speed mobile broadband HD Video on mobile devices, cloud services, VPN and more.

Many believe that the growth of the App market will also signal a decline in the reach of mobile browser-based ad value. In fact, by 2016, the number of downloads in the global app market is expected to reach a total of more than 44 billion. Competing platforms and Android now becoming bigger than iOS also adds new complexities.

There are many new possibilities for the adult app market and we are seeing significant results with our app solution for the French market already — but the real lesson here is that mobile is continuing to grow in many ways at the same time, and forward thinking companies are making an investment in the future to be sure the groundwork of their success is in place as emerging markets become increasingly lucrative.