Restricted To Adults

Stephen Yagielowicz
In case you haven’t heard about it already, there’s a new adult website labeling solution on the block and this time it comes from within the industry: the new RTA or “Restricted To Adults” label, sponsored by the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP), is a free, easy and effective method for responsible adult website operators to help prevent minors and others from accessing adult materials.

ASACP developed the RTA label with input from adult companies, free speech attorneys and others, including participants at the labeling workshops that ASACP offered at recent adult industry gatherings, as well as its online “town hall” meeting.

The initiative was the result of this year’s U.S. Senate hearings on “Protecting Children on the Internet,” where the Senate advised the industry to adopt self-regulatory measures such as labeling – or be compelled by law to do so. Indeed, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales proposed a requirement for adult webmasters to place Meta tags in the headers of every page on every adult site – or face up to five years in prison.

Well, “the industry” has responded by creating the RTA label – now it’s your turn to play your part by adopting it. The spotlight is shining brightly on us now and it’s up to you to demonstrate whether we really are responsible businessmen and women dedicated to keeping kids away from adult material – or uncaring bottom-feeders in need of increased federal regulation. Don’t fool yourself; it really is up to YOU.

For more information or to label your adult website, visit RTAlabel.org.