Precious Metal: Sensual Silver Offers Custom Jewelry

Kim Airs

Brilliantly capturing the sensual feel and texture of sterling silver and artfully shaping it into shapes that complement the body and neckline, Sensual Silver began many years ago when Zia, an accomplished fine arts major, specialized in creating metal jewelry. She then met her husband, Oz, who soon shared her passion for designing and forging handmade body jewelry that they shared only with each other. They kept their designs to themselves, teasing each other, much to their delight, with more creative and fantastical creations.

Before too long, they realized that other couples might like the same type of hand-crafted jewelry creations and Zia shared her story. “When we realized there were others who desired the same level of quality for intimacy, I consulted my personal physician about using sterling silver for this type of jewelry,” Zia said. “He told me he loved the idea of sterling silver to use as body jewelry as it is a natural microbicide and kills bacteria and viruses in addition to being inert inside the human body. He also told me he had spent too many years in the ER, watching people die because of some toxic item they had used for sex.”

Sensual Silver thrives on making custom-made designs, sometimes relying on exact millimeters to properly fit the wearer.

And thus, Sensual Silver was born.

Sensual Silver thrives on making custom-made designs, sometimes relying on exact millimeters to properly fit the wearer. One of their original designs is a cock ring called the Heart*Throb, a thick, flattened silver wire which Zia noted “looks great and feels wonderful.” The way it’s designed makes it a comfortable cock ring that supports the shaft but is actually not a ring at all. Hard to imagine until you see it on — the Heart*Throb loops around the base of the penis and sits beautifully above either side of his shaft with two suspended loops that fit snugly against the body and pubic bone. It literally frames his penis and supports it as well.

The Triple Ring cock ring must be made to exact measurements, reflecting the fact that the work Sensual Silver does is basically all custom. The three rings of the Triple Ring cock ring fit above, around and below the penis with a loopdy-loop kind of effect. “We have a few designs that don’t require customized metal-smithing but our favorite thing to do is to create custom pieces for customers,” Zia said. “It’s what keeps the creative juices flowing and allows for the deepening of connections. In fact, we embrace the sexual creativity of the human mind and welcome all opportunities to collaborate with like-minded individuals.”

Custom-made cock rings continue to be popular among Sensual Silver’s offerings and run the gamut from very plain to very elaborate. The specialized line made of solid sterling silver or 14k gold is called GT Cock Rings, which are hand-formed with no hard edges and even have an imbedded gemstone on the edge for the ultimate in personalization. “Like all of our jewelry, they are truly one-of-a-kind,” Zia said.

But also realizing that women always wear jewelry, Sensual Silver came up with many styles of nipple jewelry for both pierced and non-pierced nipples. The Starlights non-piercing nipple adornments are starfish-shaped forms that can be squeezed onto nipples, making even the smallest nipples even perkier. And what goes great with stars? The Crescent Moon design which works the same way. For those who prefer golden tones, they are also available in 14k gold.

For women (or men) with pierced nipples, Sensual Silver offers shields which sit under the pierced barbell that goes through the nipple. These can be in the shape of a sun or any other design the customer can think of. Women’s nipples tend to be more cup-shaped while men’s nipples are much flatter.

“Knowing what size the customer’s nipples are lets us create something that fits them and their piercings well,” Zia said. “They’ll also be comfortable enough to wear all day so they aren’t just worn for dress up!”

The Rita Body Chain and the Open Heart Necklace complement each other in style and design. The Open Heart allows a heavy sterling silver chain to be looped in and out of it, easily changing style to match the whim of the wearer. The Rita Body Chain was made with more than 15 feet of sterling silver cable chain to be worn around the torso, breasts, neckline or hips. The smooth silver chain is meant to feel great against the body and the versatile style has made it very popular.

But there’s even more jewelry to be offered to women who like to dress up “down south.” The G-Spot Tickler is a curved beauty with the recognizable Sensual Silver heart as the focal point of the design. The heart snuggles around a woman’s clitoris and the rounded hook fits into her vagina to stimulate the G-Spot while she wears it. Many women have reported non-stop stimulation with the G-Spot Tickler surrounding the clit while the hook sits comfortably in place.

One of the favorite things Zia does is create new jewelry from old.

“Imagine making a cock ring using metal from your former wedding band,” she said. “I’ve done things like this and always enjoy the creative minds that come up with the before and after designs of their jewelry. It’s really recycling in the truest sense of the word.”

And Sensual Silver also keeps in mind the investment and trust a customer makes when ordering a custom-made piece. They offer a layaway program that suits the buyers to allow them to purchase such special items.

“Having a layaway program was my idea because so many pieces are SO custom (cockrings, for example, are made to an exact millimeter size) that a final price was difficult to establish until the design work was completed,” Zia said. “Many times people change or add to the design while the piece is being created (adding stones, for example) that we had to have a way to incorporated the price changes, too. One of the nicest things about being a custom studio is that we can also custom-design payment plans to fit the customer’s particular situation. And we are always open to working with the customer to be able to own one of our custom pieces.”