Pearltrees May Prove Useful to Adult Marketers

Stephen Yagielowicz

One thing that marketers have learned from the social media revolution is that folks like to share things — and to benefit from the materials that other people have shared.

Part of this phenomenon is due to the abuses of marketers, however, that have left the search engine listings rife with spam and all but useless for finding the most relevant info — a perfect environment in which a grassroots effort to curate web content can grow — and with better information and newly discovered content available, users are better able to collect and enjoy the various materials they are interested in.

Pearltrees is a social content aggregator that may prove useful to adult marketers, as it allows users to leverage the community to discover new information and media related to their interests

Marketers can benefit too, by helping, rather than thwarting these efforts.

This of course presents its own issues in regards to cataloging, storage and retrieval, but a number of solutions are attempting to grapple with this problem of data overload.

According to its publisher, Pearltrees ( is a free, visual and collaborative library that lets users organize web pages, files, photos, videos and more, and then to easily retrieve and share them anytime, anywhere and from all their devices.

Pearltrees is a social content aggregator that may prove useful to adult marketers, as it allows users to leverage the community to discover new information and media related to their interests — for example, exposing audiences to different but complimentary niches.

In use, Pearltrees allows users to collect and categorize any type of digital media file, developing a universal library that offers online access to all of a user’s favorite content.

These individual assets are known as “pearls,” which are grouped together in “trees.”

“To upload a file to your library, click on the ‘+’ button to add pearls, and then select ‘files,’ [next] choose any file from your computer: documents, music, videos, ebooks,” a Pearltrees rep explains, adding that the process is even easier for users on a mobile device or tablet. “Open the document you want to add to your collection and click ‘open in’ if you are on an iPhone or iPad, or ‘share’ if you are on Android, then choose ‘Pearltrees.’”

This platform-agnostic approach allows users to access their files anytime.

“Now that you have organized your files in your account, you can access them wherever you are,” the rep noted. “Whether you need to view an Excel spreadsheet, an important text or the video of your last holiday, all you need to do is go to your account.”

Sharing documents is easy because the files you add to your account are all public, the same as with your other pearls.

“This allows you to discover content shared by other people who share your interests. You can also comment on these pearls, pick them or share them,” the rep states, adding, “With Pearltrees your files become social and it is easy and natural to share knowledge.”

These features are useful, but keep your privacy in mind before posting any sensitive information that you don’t want others to see.

Log in to Pearltrees by registering a free account, or by using your current Facebook, Google or Twitter account and give it a whirl. Premium plan members are able to obtain up to 100 GB of additional data storage to ensure that their trees have room to grow.

While you’re at it, take a good long look at this metaphor for content discovery and sharing, because the adult applications may be most intriguing for early adopters that can bring similar features to the adult realm — where instead of “a pearl necklace,” Pearltrees may be the path to profits.


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