Zango Bango

Stephen Yagielowicz
Previously, I discussed Zango and my likes and dislikes of its business model. While I do think it’s an attractive vehicle for advertisers, I believe that as a website owner, it may not be in my interest to have surfers using the technology.

If you’re in the “Zango’s gotta go” camp, you can take a proactive approach to fighting Zango thanks to the efforts of Jim Barnett of Greenguy and Jim fame, which XBIZ reported on earlier this week.

In case you missed it, Barnett is offering an htaccess file that detects Zango-“infected” computers and redirects them to a website with removal instructions.

Regardless of where you stand on the Zango issue, you have to admire the efforts of busy webmasters that contribute free tools to the community in hopes of helping all of us out. Thanks, Jim!